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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/18776

> I think you can skip the "natural mode" check and let MEM go
> through the simplify_gen_subreg path all the time.

The problem is that simplify_subreg may refuse the MEM:

  /* If we have a SUBREG of a register that we are replacing and we are
     replacing it with a MEM, make a new MEM and try replacing the
     SUBREG with it.  Don't do this if the MEM has a mode-dependent address
     or if we would be widening it.  */

  if (MEM_P (op)
      && ! mode_dependent_address_p (XEXP (op, 0))
      /* Allow splitting of volatile memory references in case we don't
         have instruction to move the whole thing.  */
      && (! MEM_VOLATILE_P (op)
	  || ! have_insn_for (SET, innermode))
      && GET_MODE_SIZE (outermode) <= GET_MODE_SIZE (GET_MODE (op)))
    return adjust_address_nv (op, outermode, byte);

This was always OK on the SPARC for SCmode but is not anymore generically.  
Should I extract the predicate and call it from {read,write}_complex_part or 
simply fallthru to the bit-field manipulation routine for MEMs when 
simplify_gen_subreg returns NULL_RTX?

Eric Botcazou

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