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Re: Revised release criteria for GCC 4.0

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

"E. Weddington" <> writes:

1. Under simtest-howto.html, it mentions that newlib is required for
testing, and you mention a newlib port. Why is newlib required? The
avr port is a slightly different beast in that, for the vast majority
of users (see more below), it does not use newlib as its C library, it
uses avr-libc: <>, and
has done so for a few years. The only recent exception to this is the
RTEMS folks who are more interested in a newlib port. I don't know
offhand how mature the newlib avr port is.

The goal is to make it easy for gcc developers to run the testsuite. Many gcc developers already know how to work with newlib. In particular, it is already in the uberbaum repository on, along with gcc and the binutils. So somebody can simply check out the uberbaum repository and build and test everything. Requiring gcc developers to obtain yet another tool in order to do testing makes it that much less likely that anybody will actually test.

Ok, sure. But realistically, it's going to be the AVR port developers who will be running the testsuite, and they're already familiar with avr-libc (I'm excluding the RTEMS folks for this argument). And since the AVR hasn't even made the "secondary" platform status :-), it looks like it will continue to be this way for a while.

So, from what I gather with that statment, is that using newlib is just a convenience; there's nothing inherent in it that is required for testing with a simulator?

The best type of simulator lives in the sim directory in the src repository on This is part of the gdb distribution. This type of simulator can be run standalone or as part of gdb. I don't know what documentation there is on these types of simulators.

Yes, I've seen those too.
Hmm, that's what I was hoping to find out, documentation for those types of simulators. I've seen SID <> and GGEN <>, but does anybody know what is currently being used to develop those simulators in the sim directory?, what should be used?


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