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Fix for pr18888

pr18888 is a bug in how we update the conflict graph in

The API for the code to update the conflict graph needs to
distinguish between source and target partitions.  ie, it
adds the conflicts from the source partition to the target

The tree-ssa code typically does something like this when it is
going to merge partitions:

x = partition_to_var (map, part1);
y = partition_to_var (map, part2);
z = var_union (x, y);

if (z == x)
  conflict_graph_merge_regs (graph, x, y);
  conflict_graph_merge_regs (graph, y, x);

Where z is the representative variable for the union of
the partitions. 

coalesce_abnormal_edges didn't have this kind of code and just
blindly assumed "X" would be the target partition and thus added
the conflicts from "Y" to "X".

Needless to say this didn't work well when "Y" was supposed to
be the target partition.  The net effect is that "Y" is missing
conflicts.  This in turn allowed coalescing of other objects into
"Y"'s partition that conflicted with "X" (and thus should have
conflicted with "Y" after merging X & Y).

Bootstrapped and regression tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.

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