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Re: incorrect implementations of libgcc overflow checkingarithmetic selected for 64-bit targets

"Jan Beulich" <> writes:

> Missing redirection of overflow-checking libgcc2 functions caused
> random failures of the gcc.dg/ftrapv-1.c test on 64-bit targets.
> Since I consider this a bug worth fixing in the 3.4 branch, I'm also
> attaching a respective patch.  In the course of fixing this it
> became obvious that there also is a missing dependency (on
> libgcc2.h) in the libgcc makefiles.

Please apply this change ONLY:

> 	* (libgcc2_c_dep): Add dependency on libgcc2.h.

and then work with Eric Botcazou to merge your patches for the missing
overflow-checking functions.

Also please note that ChangeLog entries should never be compressed
like this

> 	* libgcc2.h ({add,sub,neg,mul,abs}v[sd]i[23]): Rename to
> 	{add,sub,neg,mul,abs}v[SI]I[23] and add redirecting
> 	definitions

you must write out the full name of each and every thing you change.
Including the underscores.  This is so someone can grep for __addsi3
and find all the places it was changed.


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