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Re: Revised release criteria for GCC 4.0

>From my past experience with the m68k-elf target, I've learned that many
>tests assume a full-blown libc and an underlying OS.

Now that the 5475/5485 ColdFire parts/eval boards exist, there's a
full Linux that supports it, and can be used to test it :)

In the case of the other less-powerful parts, can uClinux be used to
do testing?  If so, then there are *many* more platforms that can be
rigorously tested(assuming people volunteer their time to run the
tests on the platforms that they have access to).

As the toolchain evolves, its becoming much harder to build a
cross-toolchain, and would be next to impossible without the work of
Dan Kegel and others to make crosstool capable of building
cross-toolchains.  I hope that future development does not preclude
the creation of working cross-compilers, and I'd like to see the
addition to the release criteria that GCC has to configure/build
cross-compilers for a set of targets, and perhaps build up a full
cross-toolchain as a way to stress it.

Peter Barada

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