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Re: [patch] fix PR c++/18073

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
Volker Reichelt <> writes:


| Now to the error message:
| With i686-pc-linux-gnu the signature of __builtin_ia32_movntd is:
| void __builtin_ia32_movntdq(long long int __vector__*, long long int __vector__)
| This explains why I didn't see the failure there.
| | In i386/i386.c we have:
| def_builtin (MASK_SSE2, "__builtin_ia32_movntdq", void_ftype_pv2di_v2di, IX86_BUILTIN_MOVNTDQ);
| | To me this looks like an incompatibility between the header, which tells us
| that __v2di is a long long int and the implementation on x86_64 that seems to
| make it a long int.
| | Since Mark's patch the C++ frontend just rejects such conversions.
| | The question is what to do now?
| * Fix the incompatibility somehow.
| * Loosen the C++ conversion rules for pointers to vectors.

I vote for either fixing the headers or fixing the intrinsic type used
by the compiler for the built-ins.

I agree. I see no reason that we should allow implicit conversions from "vector long long *" to "vector long*" when we (correctly) disallow conversions from "long long *" to "long *".

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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