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Re: [PATCH]: Fix PR tree-optimization/18792

On Dec 8, 2004, at 4:00 PM, Daniel Berlin wrote:

It turns out we can't depend on loop index numbers being in any particular order.
When it didn't happen, like the testcase in 18792,

This fixes it to use loop depth as the index into the distance and direction vectors when building them, as well as fixing the parts of tree-loop-linear that indexed into those arrays
This should work, as the function already assumes there are no sibling loops in the nest, etc.

Bootstrapped and regtested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.

Okay for mainline?

2004-12-07 Daniel Berlin <>

Fix PR tree-optimization/18792

	* tree-data-ref.c (build_classic_dist_vector): Change first_loop
	to first_loop_depth, and use loop depth instead of loop number.
	(build_classic_dir_vector): Ditto.
	(compute_data_dependences_for_loop): Use depth, not loop number.
	* tree-loop-linear.c (try_interchange_loops): Use loop depth, not loop
	number. Pass in loops, instead of loop numbers.
	(gather_interchange_stats): Ditto.
	(linear_transform_loops): Ditto.

This patch has passed bootstrap and dejagnu testing on apple-ppc-darwin.

- fariborz

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