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Re: [PATCH, libgfortran] Remove AM_MAKEFLAGS.

> # Flags to pass down to makes which are built with the target environment.
> # The double $ decreases the length of the command line; the variables
> # are set in BASE_FLAGS_TO_PASS, and the sub-make will expand them.
> ...
>         'CC=$$(CC_FOR_TARGET)' \
> CC_FOR_TARGET already is passed; AM_MAKEFLAGS did not change that.  The
> addition of AM_MAKEFLAGS probably forced an extra shell substitution when
> all of those variables were passed on the commandline.
> David

That sounds reasonable, though it leaves me unsure of what the 'real'
fix is then.  Have you (or anyone else) successfully built a
cross-compiler that includes libgfortran?  I am trying to understand if
this is a problem specific to some version of make that I am using or a
target specific problem or if all builds of cross-compilers that include
libgfortran (for any host and target) are broken due to this.  My native
builds worked before and after this change, so it seems to be something
specific to building cross-compilers.

Steve Ellcey

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