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Re: fatal error: file gnat1drv.ali is incorrectly formatted

Hi Arnaud,

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 17:36, Arnaud Charlet wrote:
> > Doing make bootstrap with CVS sources of about one hour ago (with
> > the changes Arnaud just checked in), I get the following failure
> > when the runtime library is built after stage 3:
> The failure you got is building gnat1, not the run time library.

OK.  I simply repeated the last decipherable message I saw.

> I'd suggest doing a make clean and a clean build again.

It was completely clean before I started (I will nonetheless build again).

> I haven't been able to use either "make" or "make quickstrap" or
> "make bubblestrap" since a few monthes now (after some Makefile/configure
> changes) on building Ada, this has apparently been broken and you basically
> need to redo a build from scratch fairly frequently.
> I used to be able to do a quickstrap or bubblestrap with no trouble before
> though, this was quite convenient.

This is why I also now build from clean sources every time.

All the best,


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