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[Ada] Fix several ACATS tests

Tested on x86-linux, committed on mainline.

This is part of a fix for a number of ACATS tests.  It's not clear the
compatible type handling is the right approach and it's simpler not to add
that complexity in 4.0: there will likely need to be some rethinking of the
entire issue in 4.1.  REDUCE_BIT_FIELD_OPERATIONS is needed because we
have bitfields and SRA relies on being able to have the masking done.

Change to trans.c was noticed while working on the ACATS regression c61008a.
It alone does not fix that regression but fixes a bug in the way the type
of function operands is handled.

2004-12-07  Richard Kenner  <>

	* misc.c (gnat_types_compatible_p, LANG_HOOKS_TYPES_COMPATIBLE_P):

	* adaint.h: (__gnat_dup, __gnat_dup2): Add missing decls.

	* trans.c (Exception_Handler_to_gnu_sjlj): Also handle renamed
	(call_to_gnu): Convert to actual DECL_ARG_TYPE, not variant of it.

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