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Re: [PATCH]: Fix unnecessary call clobbering due to type of global_var

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Diego Novillo wrote:

Daniel Berlin wrote:

    * tree-ssa-alias.c (create_global_var): Use void_type_node,
    not size_type_node.

OK. Though, for the test case you had sent privately, we need to find out why is GV created at all.

It's this code:

      /* Create .GLOBAL_VAR if we have too many call-clobbered
         variables.  We also create .GLOBAL_VAR when there no
         call-clobbered variables to prevent code motion
         transformations from re-arranging function calls that may
         have side effects.  For instance,

                foo ()
                  int a = f ();
                  g ();
                  h (a);

         There are no call-clobbered variables in foo(), so it would
         be entirely possible for a pass to want to move the call to
         f() after the call to g().  If f() has side effects, that
         would be wrong.  Creating .GLOBAL_VAR in this case will
         insert VDEFs for it and prevent such transformations.  */
      if (n_clobbered == 0
          || ai->num_calls_found * n_clobbered >= (size_t) GLOBAL_VAR_THRESHOLD)
        create_global_var ();

In particular, the n_clobbered == 0 part.
Not only is nothing clobbered in my test case, there are no function calls.

So trivially, this should be "if ((n_clobbered == 0 && ai->num_calls_found  > 0)
			   || .."

I'm about to submit a patch for this.

In the long run, we should probably find a nicer way of linking calls that could have side-effects together in chains, instead of global var.

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