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Re: Add config/gxx-include-dir.m4 (patch 3/4 for PR 7305)

Alexandre Oliva <> writes:
> On Nov 25, 2004, Richard Sandiford <> wrote:
>> 	* Include config/gxx-include-dir.m4.  Use
>> 	TL_AC_GXX_INCLUDE_DIR.  Remove some now-redundant AC_SUBSTs.
>> 	* configure: Regenerate.
>> config/
>> 	* gxx-include-dir.m4: New file.
> Looks good, but shouldn't gcc/ and libstdc++-v3/ use it as well?

FWIW, I touched on this in the 1/4 message, but (unhelpfully)
not in the one above the patch itself:

> This series of patches instead adds a new config/gxx-include-dir.m4
> fragment that can be shared between configure scripts.  To avoid
> getting too sidetracked, the patches will only make ./configure and
> libjava/configure use this new fragment, so while there'll be no net
> increase in duplication, there'll unfortunately be no net reduction
> either.

The problem is that gcc/ wants to do something slightly different
and the libstdc++ code is bound up with other things.  The changes
didn't look entirely mechanical.

> Or was this for 4/4, that I seem to not have received?

In case anyone else is wondering about that, 4/4 only affected
libjava, so I only posted it to libjava-patches.  I should have
made that clearer, sorry.

> In case it wasn't clear: ok, please check it in :-)

Done, thanks.


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