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Re: [wwwdocs] Move all documentation projects to a new page

On Friday 03 December 2004 03:48, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Steven Bosscher wrote:
> Index: beginner.html
> ===================================================================
> -<p>For example, all command line options should be indexed, and there
> -should be index entries for the text of all error messages that might
> -be confusing, if there's a relevant part of the manual.  See a <a
> -href="";>message to
> -gcc-bugs</a> about this.</p></li>
> Did this get lost during the restructuring, or are you sufficiently
> confident that it has been fully addressed?  If it's the latter, please
> do mention this in the cvs commit log.

This got lost in the documentation.html that I attached (it appears I
attached the wrong revision).

This project does appear in my local version under:

+  <li><a href="#improve_indexing_of_the_manual">Improve the indexing
+  of the GCC manual.</a></li>

> -<li>Give all commands a manpage.
> -
> -<p>This is best done by documenting them in the Texinfo manual, then
> -generating the manpages via <code>texi2pod</code> etc.  That way we
> -only have to remember to update the documentation in one place.</p>
> -</li>
> Similarly to the above.

As far as I know we have a manpage for all user visible executables.

> Index: documentation.html
> ===================================================================
> +<p>This page lists projects for GCC's documentation.  Some of these
> +projects on this page concern the internals documentation of GCC,
> Omit "project on this page"...
> +obviously these projects require intimate knowledge of GCC's internals.
> ...and "these projects".

Will be:
+<p>This page lists projects for GCC's documentation.  Some of these
+concern the internals documentation of GCC, and obviously require
+intimate knowledge of GCC's internals.

> +<p>Be sure to contact one of the documentation maintainers before you
> +take on one of the projects listed below.  You can find their email
> +addresses under "docs co-maintainer" in the <code>MAINTAINERS</code>
> +file in the toplevel directory.</p>
> I believe Joseph suggested to omit that, and I agree.


> +<ul>
> +  <li><a href="#fully_document_the_interface_of_front_ends_to_gcc">Fully
> +  document the interface of front ends to GCC</a></li>
> The anchor here really is a bit lenghty. ;-)  How about
> "frontend-middleend-interface" or similar?


I just followed existing mark-up in the other projects pages, but these
long anchors are a pain.  Smaller is better :-)

> +<p>Go through the list of "Actual Bugs" in
> +<code>gcc/doc/trouble.texi</code>.  Work out what they refer to, if
> +necessary by asking people who were involved in GCC development when
> +those bugs were documented.  If a bug is no longer present, remove it
> +from the list; if it is still present, file a bug report in the <a
> +href="";>GCC bug tracking system</a> or
> +fix the bug yourself.</p>
> ...and omit the bug from trouble.texi, or keep it?

I kept it because maybe someone wants to add a new bug there one day.
Omitting it is also fine with me.  I'll just keep it for now and we
can throw it out later if we like.

> Index: index.html
> ===================================================================
> @@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
>  <li><a href="#projects_for_beginner_gcc_hackers">Projects for beginner GCC
> hackers</a></li> <li><a href="#projects_for_the_c_preprocessor">Projects
> for the C preprocessor</a></li> <li><a
> href="#projects_for_the_gcc_web_pages">Projects for the GCC web
> pages</a></li>
> Can we shorten these three, please?  Just "beginner_hackers", "cpp", and
> "web", for example?
>  <p>There is a separate projects list for the <a href="web.html">web
>  pages</a>.</p>
> +<h2><a href="documentation_projects">Projects for improving the GCC
> documentation</a></h2> +<p>There is a separate projects list for <a
> +href="documentation.html">projects for improving the GCC
> documentation</a>.</p>
> Merge these into a single paragraph?

Yeah.  There will soon be a bunch of "separate page for..."-sections, we'll
just link them from the TOC.  I'll unify these two for now.

Thanks for the review.


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