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Re: [wwwdocs PATCH] Document friend changes in gcc-4.0/changes.html

Mark Mitchell wrote:

OK; I did not intend to change the meaning. But, I do not find your wording clear. How about "When declaring a friend class using an unqualified name, if name-lookup does not find the friend class, the friend declaration is considered to be a forward declaration of a member class, rather than a class in the containing namespace."?

Hmm, the entry is about where to do name-lookup for an existing name,
not where to put an undeclared name.  So I am proposing this version:

"When declaring a friend class using an unqualified name, classes outside the innermost non-class scope are not searched."

I have some quotes from the standard at the end of this mail for comparison.

OK with this change?


Quotes from the standard:

When looking for prior declaration of a class or a function declared
as friend, scopes outside the innermost enclosing namespace scope are
not considered.


If a friend declaration appears in a local class (9.8) and the name
specified is an unqualified name, a prior declaration is looked up
without considering scopes that are outside the innermost enclosing
non-class scope.

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