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Re: [PATCH] libffi support for CRIS

>>>>> "H-P" == Hans-Peter Nilsson <> writes:

H-P> I'll fix up all issues below and would like to start negotiation
H-P> with libffi approvers.  I'd like to hear from them about this
H-P> patch (for reference,
H-P> <URL:>).

Sorry for the long delay on this.

H-P> I ask for approval on the target-independent changes there,
H-P> minus the globalization of initialize_aggregate plus comments
H-P> at the #ifdef additions to the effect of
H-P> /* The CRIS ABI specifies structure elements to the effect of
H-P>    byte alignment only, so it completely overrides this
H-P>    functions, which assumes "natural" alignment and padding.  */ Ok Ok
prep_cif.c:  with the omission you mention, ok
types.c: Ok

For the initialize_aggregate change, if that function becomes
non-static then it will have to have an "ffi_" prefix added to its

Let me know if there's something I missed.

Perhaps someday it would be nice to have things like the #ifndef
around ffi_prep_cif be controlled by a feature macro set in the port's
header file, rather than ad hoc target defines all over.


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