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Re: Patch to correct LINK_PIE_SPEC

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 05:38:44PM +0100, Peter S. Mazinger wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> > 
> > Please read the documentation of the options whose behavior you are
> > changing.
> > 
> > `-nostartfiles'
> >      Do not use the standard system startup files when linking.  The
> >      standard system libraries are used normally, unless `-nostdlib' or
> >      `-nodefaultlibs' is used.
> > 
> > `-nostdlib'
> >      Do not use the standard system startup files or libraries when
> >      linking.  No startup files and only the libraries you specify will
> >      be passed to the linker.
> > 
> > Where do you see any justification for these options affecting the
> > linker arguments, other than libraries or startfiles?
> Sorry, I do not change nostdlib/nostartfiles behaviour, I use these as
> exclusion for -pie. If we provide -nostartfiles, the Scrt1.o file won't be 
> provided and a PIE executable can't be built

Actually, you are changing the behavior of -nostdlib.  Before, it would
not inhibit passing pie.  Now, it will.  It shouldn't.

A working non-PIE executable can't be built with -nostdlib either,
unless you provide _start.  That's what the option is for: to let you
do that.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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