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[committed] html generation

I checked in a previously OKed bit of work to generate html. I had to do some minor updates to it for the current tree, but hopefully, not much will be controversial. But, I have braced for updates anyone would like to suggest and would be happy to fix up what I can, just let me know.

Let me call out the major changes here...

I've picked gfortran as the name to use for the fortran documentation, previously it was f77. Other contenders were g95, but that seems not to be what people prefer.

I've changed treelang around some, we use makeinfo --html over texi2html, I had to convert the existing flags as best I could, not an exact match. I could sync with the rest of the compiler and remove the special flags.

html is a :: rule to mirror dvi::.

I use $(@D) to simplify the rules, seems reasonable. I will caution, one doesn't want to run a non-GNU make as root and run the html target, from the patch:

+ rm -f $(@D)/*

Since no one runs it, it shouldn't matter, much, but I thought I would point this out.

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