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Re: Fix various cross-fixinclude problems

On 12/11/2004, at 6:06 PM, Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:

Geoffrey Keating wrote:

- Makes sure that fixinclude/ is built on all targets.  Even if the
  target doesn't want to fix any headers, fixinclude/ should still be
  built, to make sure that the dummy fixincludes can be installed
  (and give a consistent set of installed programs).

Is there value in installing fixincludes even if it is unused? Is there
something other than GCC than uses it?

No part of GCC uses the installed fixincludes; it's for users' installation scripts. It's nice to be able to have those scripts be consistent across platforms.

There was some discussion of this a month or so ago, and no-one
mentioned at the time that fixincludes should always be built.

I'm not sure that fixincludes builds correctly on all of those
platforms, which I think is why it was disabled.  (It does build now on
*-mingw32, though, which was my primary concern.)

Since on these platforms fixincludes consists of a shell script that does

exit 0

I don't see why it shouldn't be able to be built.

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