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Re: Testsuite fixes for xstormy16

Nick Clifton <> writes:

> Hi Guys,
>   Please could I have permission to apply the following patch ?  It
>   fixes several of the tests in the GCC and G++ testsuite so that they
>   will work with the xstormy16 toolchain (a 16-bit target) or else
>   labels them with an expected failure if they are testing a feature
>   that the xstormy16 port does not support.
> Cheers
>   Nick
> gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog
> 2004-11-10  Nick Clifton  <>
> 	* g++.dg/opt/strength-reduce.C: Replace 0x7fffffff with
> 	__INT_MAX__ so that the test can be compiled by toolchains
> 	targeted at 16-bit processors.
>         * gcc.dg/20040625-1.c: Use long constants rather than integers
> 	when performing arithmetic that will overflow 16-bits.
>         * gcc.dg/i386-sse-8.c: Expect this test to fail for the
> 	xstormy16.  It does not support vectors.

This description is not right; the problem is not that xstormy16
doesn't support vectors, at least it should support, say, V2QI fine;
the problem is that it doesn't support 128-bit operations like V2DI.

>         * gcc.dg/ultrasp4.c: Replace all occurrences of the type 'long'
> 	with the macro PTR_TYPE.  Define this macro to an integer type
> 	suitable for holding a pointer.
>         * gcc.dg/compat/struct-align-1_x.c: Use shorter integers if
> 	the target is a 16-bit processor.
>         * gcc.dg/cpp/if-2.c: Expect a different warning message from
> 	16-bit targets where the character constant will be too long.
>         * g++.dg/opt/asm1.C: Expect this test to fail on the xstormy16
> 	where the double will not be directly addressable.

Otherwise OK, go ahead and commit with that change.

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