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Re: patch: cleanup gcc.dg/vect/ (take 2)

On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 05:52:55PM +0200, Dorit Naishlos wrote:
> aldy wrote:
> > We want the DejaGnu stuff in the test headers to be clear, and we want
> > it to be easy to update the tests to be used for a new target.
> Just a thought -
> might make sense to also automate the dg-final stuff, together with the
> dg-do. My concern is that when the targets and compilation flags are no
> longer explicitly listed in the testcase header, it may become less obvious
> to know if and which targets should xfail on:
> /* { dg-final { scan-tree-dump-times "vectorized X loops" Y "vect" } } */)

Thanks for the suggestion, Dorit, that will make it easier if new
targets use the tests later.

Is this a sufficient set of new check_* procs?

  vect_int_fp:   target supports both integer and floating point vectors
  vect_align:    target handles mis-aligned vectors
  vect_bitwise:  target provides vector bitwise operations
  vect_max:      target provides a vector max operation

New support in
would allow combining check_* procs and targets, so a test could use
[dg-target-list xfail [expr [check_vect_int_fp]] && [check_vect_align]]].

If these classes of targets are only relevant for the gcc.dg/vect tests
then they can be supported within gcc.dg/vect/vect.exp; otherwise we can
support them in lib/target-supports.exp so they'll be available in other
parts of the testsuite.


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