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Re: Patches to remove TREE_COMPLEXITY for C and C++

Per Bothner wrote:

Zack Weinberg wrote:

We don't yet know if we're picking up one of those compilers, but I
think it's a safe bet that we aren't doing it for 3.5 - not when we're
already in stage 2.

Well, plugging in the Eclipse compiler, as a separate pass,
should be a modest project technically.  Since I think using
the Eclipse compiler (either as a stand-alone pass or somehow
linked in) is the best long-term solution, I think it would be
good to explore that.

The Eclipse compiler is source->bytecode, right?

Whereas it would be really nice if the complexity
field could go away in 3.5.  So I'd encourage doing this work now.

Well, it's quite a hefty amount of work to do as an unpaid volunteer. A complication is that name resolution uses EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION in a rather kludgy way. It was written by Alex Petit-Bianco, and I don't know if anyone understands the code - I don't.

You definitely have no obligation here, and I don't think Zack or I meant to imply that you did. It was just like "wow, it would sure be cool if Per would do this."

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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