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Re: Cleanup some switch expanding code and leftovers from RTL EH

On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 10:25, Steven Bosscher wrote:
> Hi,
> While cleaning up a few more switch expanding related functions,
> I noted some other garbage, mostly in stmt.c and emit-rtl.c, that
> should go away.  Some of them are leftovers from rth removing RTL
> exception handling, and the others because we already lower switch
> statements in gimplify.c.
> Bootstrapped&tested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, OK?
> Gr.
> Steven
> 	* emit-rtl.c (force_line_numbers, restore_line_number_status):
> 	Remove.
> 	* rtl.h (force_line_numbers, restore_line_number_status):
> 	Remove prototypes.
> 	* stmt.c (using_eh_for_cleanups_p, using_eh_for_cleanups): Move...
> 	* tree-eh.c (using_eh_for_cleanups_p):  Make static.
> 	(using_eh_for_cleanups): Also moved here.
> 	* expr.c (expand_expr_real_1) <CASE_LABEL_EXPR>: Die if we see one.
> 	<SWITCH_EXPR>: Die if we have a non-NULL SWITCH_BODY.  Update calls
> 	to expand_start_case and add_case_node.
> 	* stmt.c (struct nesting): Cleanup unused fields condition_code,
> 	last_unconditional_cleanup, nominal_type, printname, and
> 	line_number_status.
> 	(struct fixup_goto): Remove.
> 	(struct stmt_status): Remove x_goto_fixup_chain field.
> 	(goto_fixup_chain): Remove.
> 	(strip_default_case_nodes, group_case_nodes, emit_jump_if_reachable,
> 	pushcase, pushcase_range): Remove.
> 	(expand_start_bindings_and_block): Don't set unused fields in
> 	the nesting stack.
> 	(expand_start_case, add_case_node): Cleanup unused formal arguments.
> 	(expand_end_case_type): Don't simplify the case-list.  Use emit_jump
> 	instead of emit_jump_if_reachable.
> 	(emit_case_nodes): Likewise.
> 	* tree-cfg.c (group_case_labels, cleanup_dead_labels): No longer
> 	static.
> 	(update_eh_label): Work around left-over exception handing regions.
> 	* tree-flow.h (group_case_labels, cleanup_dead_labels): Add protos.
> 	* tree-optimize.c (execute_cleanup_cfg_post_optimizing): New function.
> 	(pass_cleanup_cfg_post_optimizing): New pass.
> 	(init_tree_optimization_passes): Run the new pass after all
> 	optimizations.
> 	* tree.h (pushcase, pushcase_range): Remove prototypes.
> 	(expand_start_case, add_case_node): Update prototypes.
> cp/
> 	* cp-tree.h (struct lang_type): Don't have three GTY options on a
> 	single bit GTY desc.
> java/
> 	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_methods, java_expand_classes): Don't
> 	abuse restore_line_number_status.
This is fine.  Please install this patch.


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