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Re: [PATCH] PR 16373: -fomit-frame-pointer when optimizing on x86

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004, Chris Lattner wrote:
> > Do you have any doubt at all that this patch won't improve run-time,
> > reduce code size and speed up a bootstrapped compiler?  :>
> Yes.  It's quite likely to substantially increase code size.  Almost every
> reference to the stack will have to be relative to the ESP register.
> References like [ESP+10] are substantially larger than the
> equivalent [EBP-10] encoding because the SIB encoding must be used.
> Food for thought,

This is a fair concern.  I've just benchmarked the code size effect of
the patch, using the CSiBE v1.0.1 benchmark and the default "-Os" flags.

The total code size on i686-pc-linux-gnu drops from 939614 to 933795
(or by about 0.62%).

The first few differences look like:

			Before		After
bzip2,blocksort		 7025		 6305
bzip2,bzip2		16221		16069
bzip2,bzip2recover	 3397		 3365
bzip2,compress		 9532		 8998
bzip2,decompress	 8216		 8294*
bzip2,dlltest		  675		  671
bzip2,huffman		 1107		 1054
bzip2,mk251		   30		   24
bzip2,spewG		  284		  272
bzip2,unzcrash		  912		  908
catdvi,adobe2h		33622		33636*
catdvi,bytesex		  790		  774
catdvi,canvas		 2668		 2630
catdvi,catdvi		 3933		 3926
catdvi,density		 2041		 2006
catdvi,fixword		  123		  115

Hence although there are a few regressions (marked with an asterisk)
overall omitting the frame-pointer is a code-size win.  I will however
admit that the stripped "cc1" binary grows from 4986396 bytes to
5002748 bytes (or about 0.33%), but I'm not sure if a little of this
isn't caused by the longer pathnames in the "patcho" directory than
the "clean" directory.


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