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Re: re-establish NetWare as a supported (cross-only) target

>> This didn't seem to work. I know I first tried doing it that way.
>Describe the failure, then.

This neither fits in the startup logic NetWare has
(__init_environment/__deinit_environment in netware-crt0.c, which can't
be used together with the crtstuff.c logic [NetWare has its own startup
code which calls out to these two functions], and libgcc2.c doesn't
account for this case) nor the section ordering one (the linker used
doesn't order sections purely by object file order, but uses the
MSVC/COFF-style approach of concatenating subsections according to their
name tag (following the separator character $).

>> Why that? As long as special cases for gcc exist in these headers
>> should be fine. And, given the structure of the NetWare headers
(which I
>> can influence to a certain degree, but not in the sense of asking
>> completely restructure them), using certain gcc headers will break.
>I guess I don't care that much, since it's your own lookout if things
>go wrong with some later version, but what breaks about gcc having
>own stddef.h and #include_next'ing the system header?

That's the point: Other than with limits.h, gcc's stddef.h doesn't (and
generally can't) #include_next the system header (since that might not
exist at all).


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