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Re: PATCH to use cpplib's source_location for location_t

Richard Henderson wrote:


I am not happy with the idea of checking in new features with known bugginess. If anyone uses this stuff, they will get burned, and if Per doesn't finish it, we will drag it around for a while and throw it out.

I am a past offender here; the early RTL-based attempt at SSA, for example, sat around confusing people for a long time until it was finally killed.

The major arguments in favor of this approach seem to be that (a) having it in the tree gets people to use it and therefore provide feedback, and (b) makes it easier for the submitter by not having to do merges.

I consider (b) specious; there is a cost to everyone else from having the code in the tree, and it's not clear to me that minimizing the submitter's cost should be our objective.

I don't consider (a) specious, but the benefits needs to be weighed against the possibility that the work will not be completed and that until it is the presence of the code and associated options will be potentially confusing to developers and users. It's not really that hard to check out a branch if you want to play with a feature.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC

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