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Re: [objc-improvements-branch]: FYI: Yet another round of ObjC++ work committed -- ADDENDUM

On 30 Jun 2004, at 3.10, David Ayers wrote:

Ziemowit Laski wrote:

Oh, yeah, and I cleaned up <objc/...> headers to be usable with ObjC++.

Did you simply merge in Andrew's changes to libobjc or were there other changes necessary?

The latter.

David, if you want to whip-up an identifier cleanup patch for objc-improvements-branch, go for it. :-)

Here is the cumulative patch adapted for the objc-improvements-branch for:

[RFA] unify ObjC tokens

[RFA][objc] Identifier cleanup

[RFC/RFA] [ObjC] Class <protocol> support I

I'm currently doing a mainline->objc-improvements-branch merge, which probably will pick up some of this. When I'm done, I'll check your 3 patches to be sure.

I see that you have dealt with gcc/testsuite/objc.dg/id-1.m in a
different way already on the branch. But I must admit that I find the
new diagnostics...
id-1.m:4: error: conflicting types for 'id'
id-1.m:0: error: previous declaration of 'id' was here
(note the missing location and line number 0 as this seems to be a built
in type now) a bit misleading.

Well, yes, it's a built-in type, but at the same time we must allow users
to (re)define it as well. Certainly, if there is some trivial special sauce that
we could apply so that the 'id-1.m:0: ...' message becomes more informative,
I have no objections. But I don't see a point in spending too much time on this. :-)

Anyway, bootstrapped and testing passed (including obj-c++)


PS: Why did you choose 'obj-c++' over of 'objc++' in various places?  I
seems needlessly inconsistent.

This is primarily to keep gengtype and DejaGNU happy; these dislike it if the name of one language is a proper prefix of another. :-)


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