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Re: PATCH win32/mingw32: jcf_open_exact_case prototype

Mohan Embar wrote:
> I was able to reproduce this and fix this by including both coretypes.h
> and jcf.h.
> ...<i>but</i> if #include "jcf.h" can't be done without #include "coretypes.h",
> wouldn't it be better to include coretypes.h in jcf.h and eliminate the
> double-include everywhere else? coretypes.h has an include guard so
> this shouldn't be a problem.

Sorry I couldn't get it to it myself before you had to be called; I was
stalled by other work.

> P.S. Aaron: are you building the mainline on MinGW? If so, how are
> you able to get past the breakage in libmudflap in mf-runtime.c? I
> had to revert to the 23-06-2004 CVS version to get past this
> temporarily. I haven't spent much time looking into the causes
> of this and don't even know who owns libmudflap.

Yes, I build mainline periodically on MinGW.

As I've been told, libmudflap only works on Linux, and will need some
porting for it to work on MinGW.  On the occasions I've tried,
libmudflap has never built for me.  Its on my todo list to check this
out and see how much work it would be to get working properly.  In the
meantime, I've just been disabling it:

Aaron W. LaFramboise

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