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Re: [PR15627] Unnest nested functions in libbanshee

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, Giovanni Bajo wrote:


libbanshee is stage 1 material, so we should not be using GNU extensions
This patch manually unnests all the nested functions which prevent Sun CC from
bootstrapping mainline. I don't know if this is enough as I don't have access
to a Solaris box, but it is surely a step forward. Since I was at it, I also
removed other small GNU extensions like 'inline' and C++ comments.

inline should be taken care of by the configure test, it's not necessary to remove it (it gets defined to nothing for compilers that don't support it).

I did not
take care of VLAs yet, as it seems to me that Sun CC supports them (right?).

I generated the diff below with -b to make it readable (as all the nested
functions are reindented), but of course I will commit with correct

Compiled with "make libbanshee", but untested because there are no tests in the
GCC tree, and the upstream version is different already. OK for mainline?

This isn't quite true. You can bootstrap with -ftree-points-to=andersen. I'll take care of it though. --Dan

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