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Fix PR 15933 (partially revert offending patch)

I spent some time on PR 15933 yesterday and determined that a proper
fix is too hard for the amount of time I have right now.  Therefore,
I'm checking in the following patch, which backs out part of the
change that caused the bug.  I don't consider it a proper fix because
it causes the multiple-include-with-guard-macro optimization to become
less effective.  That's "merely" a performance issue, though.

The case the MI optimization now misses is where a file is found first
from the normal search path, and then a second time from directory-of-
the-current-file search.  I believe I know how to fix this, but as I
said, it's more complicated than I have time for.

Bootstrapped i686-linux, no apparent regressions.  Unfortunately I do
not see a practical way to put the test case from the PR into the
testsuite; we can't drop a file named "limits.h" into gcc.dg/cpp
without breaking other test cases in that directory.  Ideas appreciated.


        PR 15933
        Partially revert patch of 2004-06-05.
        * files.c (search_cache): Remove pfile argument.  Don't check
        for file that would be found by "" or <> search here...
        (_cpp_find_file): it here, before calling find_file_in_dir.
        Do not apply directory-of-current-file correction to files
        found by this check.  Rearrange code slightly.

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