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Re: RFC: Allow GPL exception for dynamic linking of libgcc and libstdc++

Richard Kenner wrote:

>     Following any comments with regard to these changes, if the general
>     concensus seems to be that this is an improvement, I'd like to propose
>     this to the SC for consideration.
> It's not the SC's decision, but the FSF's decision.  The FSF, not the SC,
> owns the copyright to the files.
> I'd suggest you take this up with the FSF.  My own feeling is that
> "executable" includes "shared library" from a practical point of view and
> it's not worth fiddling with this language.  But it couldn't hurt to ask.

Well, if the SC decides this is a good idea, they could propose this to
the FSF on my behalf.  I think it would be best if the SC agreed with
the change before the FSF were asked to consider it.  Besides, I don't
know how to approach the FSF with issues such as this.

I think the fiddling is necessary because most people are telling me
that presently the GPL *does* apply to dynamically linked libgcc and

Aaron W. LaFramboise

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