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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 13987, compile time slow down on

> Andrew Pinski <> writes:
> > I decided to rename the configure option and make it default to use long =
> instead of long long.
> > I also moved the code to decide which type to use into hwint.h so other
> > files can use it also if they want.  Also since ia64-hpux was mentioned
> > as one of the targets where long long was more effiecent I turned it on
> > for that host.
> > +#
> > +#  host_efficient_long_long Set to no normally; to no if long long are
> > +#			 not as effiecient as long integers
> On most 64-bit systems long and long long are the same, this includes
> ia64-hpux.  So, why is that setting usefull for ia64-hpux but not for
> ia64-linux?  Should it be set for all 64-bit hosts - or is this not
> needed if long =3D long long?

It is only needed when long != long long.  Sorry for not making that clear.

And on ia64-hpux, long != long long so that is the only reason why it is
needed there. I think ia64-windows and x86_64-windows or what ever the targets
are long != long long also. There might be other 64bit targets too.

Andrew Pinski

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