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Re: Doc for autoconf and automake versions

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

> This would be preferred, but I think the continued migration upwards on
> the 1.8.x automake versions is reflecting a desire to not get stuck on
> any version, and instead track the current release. At least, that's how
> I see it. 

We want to track the current release - not to have directories using three
different major versions because some were updated in isolation, and with
a risk that a bugfix change will introduce unwanted changed in generated
files unless you keep copies of six different releases around.

> If you are volunteering to keep everything in sync (perhaps by messages
> such as this), I think it sounds like a great idea.

I can at least send notes when new automake releases appear (that
directories should perhaps be updated to all together), and note such 
things as that your patch didn't update gcc/doc/install.texi to reflect 
that libstdc++-v3 now uses 1.8.5.

Joseph S. Myers

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