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Re: [PATCH] Improved target tuning in simplify-rtx.c

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Eric Christopher wrote:
> I love it, but I'm curious about timing changes?

Alas, I've done no benchmarking myself.  The one piece of code that I
know was transformed by these optimizations behaves the same before as
afterwards (i.e. "x+x" -> "x<<1" on Pentium4, has no multiplies and costs
4 before and has no multiplies and costs 4 afterwards).  I can come up
with micro-benchmarks that show improvements, but on typical applications
I wouldn't be surprised if the results were in the noise.

However, if someone would like to try some timings with this patch, I'd
also be interested.  I believe this is the correct way to go for more
of the RTL optimizers, and any performance degradations really indicate
a failing in the backend's rtx_costs rather than a conceptual problem
in the middle-end.

My next goal is to prevent the RTL optimizers from converting (x<<1)<<1
into x<<2 on Pentium4, which is actually twice as slow as the original!
One nice feature of using "rtx_cost" is that it still allows us to prefer
the single instruction x<<2 when optimizing for size with -Os.


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