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Re: Doc for autoconf and automake versions

>I also hope that libcpp and libstdc++-v3 can
>have their files regenerated with automake 1.8.5, as used for
>libgfortran, so that only one 1.8.x version is needed.

Done for libstdc++.

2004-06-14  Benjamin Kosnik  <>

	* Regenerate with automake 1.8.5.
	* aclocal.m4: Same.
	* include/ Same.
	* libmath/ Same.
	* libsupc++/ Same.
	* po/ Same.
	* src/ Same.
	* testsuite/ Same.

>Where was the introduction of use of a third automake release series
>(1.8.x) without getting rid of at least one of the previous versions
>at the same time discussed?  Even during transitions, I think we
>should have no more than two versions of either autoconf or automake
>in use in the tree at once, and when a new bug-fix automake comes out
>(successive 1.8.x versions) the whole tree and documentation should be
>updated at once rather than having the versions diverge.

This would be preferred, but I think the continued migration upwards on
the 1.8.x automake versions is reflecting a desire to not get stuck on
any version, and instead track the current release. At least, that's how
I see it. 

If you are volunteering to keep everything in sync (perhaps by messages
such as this), I think it sounds like a great idea.


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