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Re: [trunk + 3.4-branch RFA] don't use empic relocs for mips-linuxeh writes:
> I'd like this approved for the branch as well, so 3.4.1 will work
> nicely w/ the next major binutils release.

Agreed that using embedded pic relocations for linux is a bug.
It's almost certainly a regression from some earlier version of gcc,
so if you can give a specific version number, I think the patch should
be OK for 3.4.x.

> +/* If possible, we should attempt to use GP-relative relocs for this
> +   (see
> +   However, until that is implement, this just uses standard, absolute

> +   references.  */

This is the same as the definition in defaults.h.  Do we really need it?
If not, and given that the comment references a URL anyway, I think it
would be better to just remove both the linux.h and linux64.h definitions.
Anyone who wonders why can go to Google.

A patch to remove both definitions is preapproved if it works.


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