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Re: [patch] Remove f_options and other options handling improvements

Zdenek Dvorak wrote:-

> 	* (FLAGS_H): New.
> 	(flags.h): Replace by FLAGS_H.
> 	* c.opt: Document Var, VarExists, Init and Report attributes.

There is a missing parenthesis in this documentation.

> 	* common.opt: Fill the values of the attributes.
> 	* diagnostic.c (flag_fatal_errors): Do not define.
> 	* except.c (flag_non_call_exceptions): Do not define.
> 	* flags.h: Include options.h.  Remove declarations conflicting with
> 	the automatically defined ones.
> 	* opts.c: Remove automatically defined variables.
> 	(handle_option): Perform default initialization.
> 	(common_handle_option): Do not handle options covered by the
> 	default initialization.
> 	* opts.h (struct cl_option): Add flag_var, has_set_value and set_value
> 	fields.
> 	(CL_REPORT): New.
> 	* Generate variable declarations, handle CL_REPORT.
> 	* toplev.c: Remove automatically defined variables.
> 	(f_options): Removed.
> 	(print_switch_values): Use cl_options instead of f_options.
> 	* toplev.h (version_flag): Declaration removed.



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