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Re: [gfortran] g77 compatibility patch

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Paul Brook wrote:

> > I don't know texinfo.  In scanning gfortran.texi, I did not see an
> > appropriate section.  Do we want to add a "G77 Compatibility" section
> > or a more general "Extentions to Fortran 95" section or both?  I'll
> > merge the text (with appropriate editing) into gfortran.texi,
> > but I can't promise that the mark-up will be correct.
> Yes, you'll need to add a new section. My preference would be to add 
> "Extentions to Fortran 95", possibly with a "G77 compatibility" subsection. 
> IIRC g77 implements [some of] these functions for compatibility with 
> something else, so that would be a better subsection caregory.
> My knowledge of texinfo is limited to making copy/paste/modify changes to the 
> existing manuals, so I'm afraid I cant help you much with the formatting 
> side.

This looks rather like a case of copy/paste/modify changes from the
Texinfo sources of the G77 manual; the Texinfo style of that manual may
not be ideal, but it will do as a start.

Joseph S. Myers

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