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Re: PATCH to support native Windows builds

From: "Mark Mitchell"
| Danny, would you post the full patch so that DJ can more easily consier
| it?

I may be too late for this, but this  works for me,  This has
been in mingw32 binary release candidate for 3.4.0 since early May, with
no bug reports.

I didn't know where to put declarations for pex_read, pex_read_close
 but at the time I wanted to make as private as possible, so I put into new header.

It may be more politically correct to change the HOST_QUOTE_STR,
HOST_QUOTE_CHAR.HOST_QUOTED_QUOTE_STR host macros in host hook
functions, but that seemed like overkill.

Patch against  truk is attached,  I've just bootstrapped c,c++ with this and regtested
with no new
regressions.  The tests using -frepo now pass.



        Ian Lance Taylor  <>

        * collect2.c (collect_status): New static function, broken out of
        (collect_wait): Call collect_status.
        (do_read_wait): New static function.
        (scan_prog_file): Call pex_read instead of pipe and vfork.
        (scan_libraries): Likewise.

        Mark Mithchell  <>

        * collect2.c  (collect_execute): Pass third argument to open.
        * gcc.c (set_collect_gcc_options): Use HOST_QUOTE_STR,
        * tlink.c (recompile_files): Do not assume that "rename" can
        overwrite an existing file.  Use "&&" as the command separator
        rather than ";".

        Danny Smith  <dannysmith@users.sourceforge,net>

        * collect2.c: Include pex-read.h.
        (handler): Just raise (signo) if ! HAVE_KILL.
        * (i[34567]86-*-mingw*): Host can use collect2.
        * system,h: (HOST_QUOTE_STR, HOST_QUOTE_CHAR.
        HOST_QUOTED_QUOTE_STR): New defines.
        * config/i386/xm-mingw32 (HOST_QUOTE_STR, HOST_QUOTE_CHAR.
        HOST_QUOTED_QUOTE_STR): Override defaults.


        Ian Lance Taylor  <>

        * pexrd-unix.c: New file.
        * pexrd-generic.c: New file.
        * Add either ./pexrd-unix.o or ./pexrd-generic.o to
        * / Run maint-deps.
        (CFILES): Add pexrd-unix.c and pexrd-generic.c.
        (CONFIGURED_OFILES): Add ./pexrd-unix.o and ./pexrd-generic.o.
        * pexecute.txh: Document pex_read and pex_read_close.


        Danny Smith <dannysmith@users.sourceforge,net>

        * include/pex-read.h. New file. Declare pex_read, pex_read_close.


        Mark Mithchell  <>

        * repo.c (IDENTIFIER_REPO_USED): Use tree flag 5.
        (IDENTIFIER_REPO_CHOSEN): Use tree flag 6.
        (extract_string):Use HOST_QUOTE_STR,HOST_QUOTE_CHAR.

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