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Re: [wwwdocs] Add beginners project

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Steven Bosscher wrote:

> - <p>Check out autoconf 2.5x and see if it will
> - help any.  Odds are it will.  If it has broken something we
> - depend on, let the autoconf maintainers know.  Some changes are known
> - to be needed to the GCC configure scripts to work with autoconf 2.5x.</p>
> - 
> - <p>Feed back gcc-private autoconf macros to the autoconf maintainers.
> - We have several that would be widely useful, such as
> - <code>GCC_NEED_DECLARATIONS</code> and the <code>mmap</code> tests.</p>
> - </li>

While it is true that the autoconf conversion is in progress and gcc/ has
been done, it seems at least reminiscent of this project that GCC-private
macros should be replaced by uses of the standard autoconf 2.5x macros
where possible.  For example, gcc_AC_CHECK_DECL, gcc_AC_CHECK_DECLS, but
there may well be more.  In general, once the autoconf conversion is
complete it would be worthwhile going over the local macros seeing whether
they are still used, whether they are obsoleted by standard ones and
whether any should be contributed to standard autoconf.  Furthermore,
investigating and replacing individual macros seems suitable for

Joseph S. Myers

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