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Re: [wwwdocs] Add beginners project

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Steven Bosscher wrote:
> This adds a project to use predicates where possible, as discussed
> last month on gcc@.  OK?

Looks fine, with small adjustments.

> Index: projects/beginner.html
> ===================================================================
> + <li>Use predicates for RTL objects more

This might be a Germanism/Dutchism (but then it might be okay); we could
avoid this doubt by rewriting this as "Increase use of predicates for...",
or wait for a native speaker. :-)

> + <p>GCC has simple predicates to see if a given <code>rtx</code> is of some
> + specific class.  These predicates simply look at the <code>rtx_code</code>
> + of the given RTL object and return nonzero if the predicate is true.  For
> + For example, if an <code>rtx</code> represents a register, then      ^^^^
Extra "For".

> + <p>Unfortunately, lots of code in the middle end and in the backends does
                                               ^^^                 ^^^

> + not use these predicates and instead compare the <code>rtx_code</code>
> + in place: <code>(GET_CODE (rtx) == REG)</code>.  Find all the places where
> + such comparisons can be replaced with a predicate.  Also, for many common
> + comparisons there is no predicate yet.  See which ones are worth having
> + a predicate for, and add them.  For a few examples, have a look at <a
> + href="";>this</a> message
> + in the mailing list archives.</p>

at <a href="...">this description by ...</a>.

(We should not use "here" and "this" for HTML links.)

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)

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