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Re: [objc-improvements-branch] FYI: Added C++ template instantiationsupport

Ziemowit Laski wrote:

I've also brought over David Ayers' fixes to the objc/execute/string?.m test cases.
I'll tackle protocol qualifiers next. :-)

Do you mean the Class <protocol> issue?

If you do, could you please consider:

Dropping "id" as a key word (instead of adding "Class" as one). This would allow you to simply replace OBJECTNAME with TYPENAME for typespec_nonreserved_nonattr: and you could do the assertions of the correct type in get_object_reference (which could be renamed to get_protocol_reference.)

Well I still have the old patch I could cleanup in a day or two if you like. I'd have to bring it up to date and revert some of Alexander Malmbergs changes I prematurely integrated into my version because it made the warning machinery so much more consistent. (Those were posted back when both of you were working on the new warnings, but Alex's new infrastructure never got reviewed in detail.)

Alex, any chance you could cleanup that stuff and repost it?

If you're looking for some more stuff to fix, you could have a look at comptypes. Note that warnings wrt assignments differ if they are pure assignments or initialization. This is because the C front end handles comptypes arguments as being symmetrical (i.e. it doesn't differentiate between lhs and rhs). Yet as that same code is used for ObjC where we /do/ make that distinction, we have in issue.

While investigating this I even noticed a few ICEs with conceptually rather incompatible assignments. I admit that digging into the type handling (esp. wrt to protocol qualified types) was a bit out of my ball park. Maybe your experience is better invested in this while I cleanup the Class <protocol> patch. But don't let me hold you back if you're already up and running.

David Ayers

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