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Re: building sh-elf / sh-linux (Was: Re: [PATCH/RFA] PR target/13250)

> 2004-06-04  J"orn Rennecke <>
> 	* basic-block.h (could_fall_through): Declare.
> 	* cfganal.c (can_fallthru): Suceed if the target is EXIT_BLOCK_PTR.
> 	Fail if the source already has a fallthrough edge to the exit
> 	block pointer.
> 	(could_fall_through): New function.
> 	(make_edges): Check if we already have a fallthrough edge to the
> 	exit block pointer.
> 	cfglayout.c (fixup_fallthru_exit_predecessor): Delete.
> 	(cfg_layout_finalize): Don't call it.
> 	(fixup_reorder_chain): A fall through to the exit block does not
> 	require the block to come last.  Add sanity checks.
> 	* cfgrtl.c (rtl_split_edge): Add special handling of fall through
> 	edges to the exit block.
> 2004-06-03  J"orn Rennecke <>
> 	* real.c (do_add): Initialize r->signalling and r->canonical.
> 2004-05-14  J"orn Rennecke <>
> 	* sched-int.h (in_post_call_group_p): Change type to enum.
> 	* sched-deps.c (sched_analyze_insn):
> 	(sched_analyze): When in_post_call_group_p is post_call_initial,
> 	don't add a dependency, but still set SCHED_GROUP_P and CANT_MOVE,
> 	and also reset in_post_call_group_p to post_call.
> 	(sched_analyze): When the previous basic block ended in a CALL_INSN,
> 	initialize in_post_call_group_p as post_call_initial.
> 	(init_deps): initialize in_post_call_group_p to not_post_call.

Sorry about the noise I created when trying to bootstrap with a Red Hat
gcc 2.96 compiler.

Using a gcc 3.0.2 bootstrap compiler, I could bootstrap both original and
patched sources, and the set of regressions is also identical for both.

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