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Re: [patch] testsuite fix for math tests on darwin

On Jun 6, 2004, at 9:49 AM, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

Dale Johannesen <> writes:

| On Jun 6, 2004, at 6:27 AM, Andreas Tobler wrote:
| > darwin has some C99 math functions in the libmx instead of libm, so
| > we should add the -lmx to the tests where we need these functions.
| > The attached patch fixes three failures of the libstdc++ suite.
| > Unfortunately I did not find the cabsl in libmx.
| There's been some discussion of this issue at Apple.  I think we're
| leaning in the direction
| of having the driver include -lmx automagically.  In fact I thought
| Andrew already had a
| patch in that did this for C++.   Comments?

I think that is the obvious solution, at least as far as V3 is
concerned.  We don't require user to say -lm when they use C++.
I consider it to be a bug that the C driver requires that explicit
setting a bug -- but, hey, that is a different story :-)

It doesn't on Darwin, actually, because the C89 math functions are in the libc-equivalent (libSystem). This suggests that the C driver also ought to include -lmx on Darwin. (Yes, the packaging is strange.)

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