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Re: [RFA] ObjC testsuite use simple NSConstantString implementation

David Ayers wrote:

Ziemowit Laski wrote:

On 3 Jun, 2004, at 16.06, Nicola Pero wrote:

David's patches make sure that you can test the constant string
functionality with the Apple runtime no matter what platform you're on and
no matter what external libraries you have (you could test them even on
Linux, as soon as you are able to run the Apple runtime on Linux), which
strike me as obviously the best solution.

OK. :-) David, can you place your NSConstantString @implementation in next_mapping.h, and then send your patch+ChangeLog as an attached file?

Sure, here you go.

David Ayers


2004-06-04 David Ayers <>

	* objc/execute/next_mapping.h
	(_NSConstantStringClassReference): New global variable.
	(NSConstantString): New class.
	* objc/execute/string1.m, objc/execute/string2.m,
	objc/execute/string3.m, objc/execute/string4.m: Include
	next_mapping.h instead of Foundation/NSString.h.

PS: Note that I'm not able to test this on Darwin and I owe a "Thanks" to Andrew who took the previous version on spin and noticed that the Apple runtime also expects the _NSConstantStringClassReference global. So here it is: Thanks :-)

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