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Re: [HEAD] Teach testsuite/lib/objc.exp about Darwin frameworks

Ziemowit Laski wrote:
I will commit this as obvious.  On Mac OS X, some ObjC-ish symbols
(most notably NSConstantString stuff) live in the Foundation framework
rather than libobjc.

As a result, the objc/execute/string[1-4].m test cases will now pass
on Geoff's native tester. I've also tried this on i686-pc-linux-gnu to make sure it
does no harm.

/me wonders if this a foreshadowing of a WWDC announcement that Foundation will be released under the ASPL 2.0 for the use of all Darwin systems ;-)

No seriously... Darwin isn't Mac OS X and therefor not all Darwin targets will have Foundation to link against. When these tests are run for the GNU runtime on Darwin these should start failing there. (I'm sure you are aware of the efforts to reenable the GNU runtime for Darwin targets by default in a fashion that will not conflict with the preinstalled Apple runtime.)

It seems that the Apple runtime requires the availability of a class named NSConstantString when string literals are used. (The GNU runtime uses -fconstant-string-class or falls back to NXConstantString which is part of the runtimes libobjc.)

Could you please make the linking against Foundation conditional for the Apple runtime?


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