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Re: [RFC] Delete unused functions?

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> The script I used is this (run from the gcc build directory)
> nm libbackend.a | awk '$2 ~ /^T$/ { print $3 }' > symbols
> find ../../gcc/gcc -type f | grep -v \.s$ | grep -v '/[A-Z]' | \
>    fgrep -v testsuite | xargs grep -hv ^extern > source
> fgrep -f symbols -hro source | sort | uniq -u | \
>    grep -v ^gen_ | grep -v ^debug_ > unused-symbols
> Which would be ok for mainline?

The pos_from_bit function, for example, that you're deleting from
stor-layout.c is still used by create_field_decl in ada/utils.c.
I suspect your implementation of the above protocol is flawed.

Secondly, and obviously I can't repeat this enough, all patch
contributions should report the target triples that they were
bootstrapped and regression tested on, and include the results of
such testing.  You've broken GCC bootstraps enough times to realize
that the rules in contribute.html are there to prevent wasting
everybody's time.


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