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Re: [patch] Include dependencies in expr.h, Take 2

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Jerry Quinn wrote:
> 2004-05-26  Jerry Quinn  <>
>         * (EXPR_H): Add insn-config.h, function.h,
> 	$(RTL_H), flags.h, $(TREE_H), $(MACHMODE_H), $(EXPR_H).
> 	(ALIAS_H, EMIT_H): New.
> 	(cselib.o): Replace EXPR_H with EMIT_H.
> 	(cfgcleanup.o): Add EMIT_H.
> 	(alias.o): Replace EXPR_H with EMIT_H and ALIAS_H.
> 	* alias.c: Replace expr.h with emit.h and alias.h.
> 	* attribs.c, c-lex.c, c-obj-common.c, c-semantics.c: Remove expr.h.
> 	* cfgcleanup.c, cselib.c: Replace expr.h with emit.h.
> 	* expr.h: Add include guard.  Include function.h, rtl,h, flags.h,
> 	tree.h, machmode.h, insn-config.h, alias.h, emit.h.
> 	(get_varargs_alias_set, get_frame_alias_set, record_base_value,
> 	record_alias_subset, new_alias_set, can_address_p): Move to alias.h.
> 	(set_mem_alias_set, set_mem_align, set_mem_expr, set_mem_offset,
> 	set_mem_size): Move to emit.h.
> 	* emit.h: New.
> 	* alias.h: New.

This is OK for mainline with the two changes suggested by Paolo;
Renaming emit.h to emit-rtl.h (and also EMIT_H to EMIT_RTL_H), and
removing the circular definition of EXPR_H depending upon $(EXPR_H).



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