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Re: 3.4/3.5 PATCH: Fix many Solaris 10 g++ testsuite failures

Re: 3.4/3.5 PATCH: Switch to DWARF-2 debugging on Solaris/x86 >= 7

3.5 PATCH: Fix libcpp related build problems

Re: [3.3 PATCH] Fix PR optimization/11841

[3.3 PATCH] Fix PR target/15130

[3.3 PATCH] Fix SH bootstrap failure (PR 15120)

Re: [3.3,3.4,mainline] PATCH: gcc/f/g77.texi and hijacked domain

[3.4 Ada] PR/15331: Allow Ada to build on IRIX with gas 2.15

Re: [3.4/3.5 PATCH/RFA] Fix SH bootstrap failure (PR 15120)

Re: [3.4/mainline] PR 15004

[3.4] Fix Ada bootstrap on darwin

[Ada] Constant fold MINUS_EXPR in max_size

[Ada] Fix potential logic error in max_size

[Ada] Reorganize max_size implementation

[arm] Default aapcs to short-enums

[arm] Fix arm-mmx-1.c

[arm] Fix built-in data types

[arm] Remove bogus ifdef

[arm] Remove dead code.

[arm] Save lr in thumb mode


[arm] Stack alignment in crt?.asm

[arm] Use load/store double instructions

[BC ABI] A few fixes

Re: [Bug bootstrap/14671] [3.3/3.4 regression] caller-save.c:491: int

Re: [Bug bootstrap/14671] [3.4 regression] caller-save.c:491: interna

Re: [Bug target/15250] [3.4/3.5 Regression] Option -mms-bitfields support on GCC 3.4 is not conformant to MS layout

[C++] fix a latent bug in cp-tree.h

[commit] fix typo in hppa-tdep.c

[committed] Add VR4130 scheduling optimizations.

[Committed] Avoid use of chainon in simplify_builtin_strcpy

[committed] Canonicalise VR5500 branch-likely check

[Committed] Convert builtins.c from build to buildN

[committed] Don't generated indexed stores when indexing is disabled on PA

Re: [committed] Encourage use of VR5500 madd/macc instructions

[committed] fix branch length attribute

[committed] Fix compile/simd-5.c for mips16

[Committed] Fix compiler warnings in fortran/io.c

[committed] fix fix-header.c

[committed] Fix loading of non 14-bit CONST operands when generating PIC code on PA

[committed] Fix mips-hilo-2.c testcase for __mips16

[Committed] Fix PA bootstrap failure

[committed] Fix PR target/15202

[committed] Fix struct-by-value-5a.c for MIPS EABI32

[Committed] Prefer fold_convert to convert in middle-end

[committed] Record the -mlong option used for MIPS EABI

[committed] Remove trailing space from libobjc/Makefile.in

[committed] remove xfail for sibcall-3/4.c

[committed] Tweak config/mips/5500.md for the VR5500A

[Committed] Use constant_boolean_node in fold-const.c

[csl-arm] Backport function arg promotion changes.

[Darwin] Patch c++/15428

Re: [fortran, patch] Expand powi to optimal multiplications

Re: [fortran] patch for PR 12839 - incorrect IO of inf

[g77] Patch for PR 15151 - incorrect logical I/O in 64 bit mode

[GCC-3.3.4] Fix for C++/14802

[gcc_release] Change CRCs from brik to md5sum

[gfortran, committed] Comment fixes in trans-types.c

[gfortran] Allow digits before X format to be optional

[gfortran] Cleanup m4 magic in libgfortran

[gfortran] committed: obvious fix for fortran/Make-lang.in

[gfortran] Diagnose format X as a GNU extension

[gfortran] Dump equivalence relationships

[gfortran] Eliminate dead code in gfc_match()

[gfortran] Fix butter overrun

[gfortran] Fix for fixed-form parser

[gfortran] Fix IO library end of fmt bug

[gfortran] Fix PR 12841: Passing NULL to a subroutine

[gfortran] Fix PR 13201

[gfortran] Fix PR 15211

[gfortran] Fix PR 15557: Substring references in DATA

[gfortran] Fix PR13773

[gfortran] Fix PR13930

[gfortran] Fix PR14067

[gfortran] Fix PR15620

[gfortran] Fix wrong dates in ChangeLog

[gfortran] Fixes for p and : format descriptors

[gfortran] Implement irand(), rand(), and srand() for G77 compatibility

[gfortran] Implementation SYSTEM_CLOCK intrinsic subroutine

[gfortran] Minor fix for parse tree dumper

[gfortran] Optional comma after string literal in format

[gfortran] PATCH -- Fix for PR 15619

[gfortran] PATCH -- fix random.c, again.

[gfortran] PATCH -- Fix segfault in RANDOM_SEED.

[gfortran] PATCH -- make random_seed use add_sym_3s

[gfortran] PATCH -- remove useless line of code in simplify.c

[gfortran] PATCH arith.c wrong result for complex number to zero power

Re: [gfortran] PATCH arith.c wrong result for complex number to zeropower

[gfortran] PATCH arith.c, another range checking problem

Re: [gfortran] patch for PR 15294 - ADJUSTR intrinsic accesses corrupted pointer

[gfortran] PATCH for PR 14059

Re: [gfortran] patch for PR 15149 - problem computing PI

Re: [gfortran] patch for pr 15311, 'A' format descriptor justifies output wrong

[gfortran] patch for pr 15311, 'A' format descriptor justifiesoutput wrong

[gfortran] patch for pr 15413

[gfortran] PATCH for PR 15597, Too args to RANDOM_SEED

Re: [gfortran] PATCH range checking wrong part of complex number

[gfortran] PATCH Re: Typo in gfc_conv_mpf_to_tree()

[gfortran] PATCH typographical errors in comments

Re: [gfortran] patch was: Re: Untabified and resubmitted: Patch to gfortran PR13742

[gfortran] patch was: Re: Untabified and resubmitted: Patch to gfortranPR13742

Re: [gfortran] patch was: Re: Untabified and resubmitted: Patch togfortran PR13742

[gfortran] patch, committed: Fix a few comment typos

[gfortran] PR 13628: derived type constructor not recognized in DATA

[gfortran] PR 15234

[gfortran] PR 15235 Remove definition of TRUE/FALSE from associated.c

[gfortran] PR 15235 Rename offset_t to gfc_offset

[gfortran] PR 15273 pure subroutines get optimized away

[gfortran] PR13910 Old-style initialization of LOGICAL variables

[gfortran] PR15206 RRSPACING wrong for zero

[gfortran] Re: PR14066 Allow infinite loops with label-do-stmt

Re: [gfortran] recent change causes a regression

Re: [gfortran] Remove gfc_current_locus() and gfc_set_locus() (Followup to scanner rewrite)

[gfortran] Remove gfc_current_locus() and gfc_set_locus() (Followupto scanner rewrite)

[gfortran] Scanner rewrite, fix for PR13702

[gfortran] Silence GNU extension warnings with -std=gnu

[gfortran] update copyright years and copyright boilerplate

[gfortran] Various spelling fixes and comment updates

[libbanshee] Update to standard autoconf/automake

[libfortran] Patch for pr 15328

[lno, mainline] Fix for PR 15274

Re: [lno, tree-ssa] Fix kill_redundant_phi_nodes

Fw: [lno] [patch] vectorization with unknown loop bound

[lno] Check assumptions returned by number_of_iterations_cond

[lno] clean data deps

Fw: [lno] compute symbolic values for loop counts

[lno] Enable scev by default

[lno] fix number_of_iterations_in_loop

Re: [lno] ICE with large unsigned loop bound

[lno] ispell-comments-and-strings

[lno] loop bound and vectorizer minor fixes

[lno] Merge mainline changes into LNO

Re: [lno] PATCH rs6000.md fix

[lno] Re: [Andreas Jaeger] lno: Bootstrap failure

[lno] Readd patch missing in merge

[lno] Some bugfixes and improvements

Re: [lno] some cleanups for scev

[lno] Some tree-ssa-loop-niter.c improvements

[lno] spec failures

[lno] symbolic number of iterations

[lno]: Fixes for linear loop transforms

[lno][PATCH]: get loop body in BFS order

[m68k] Fix PR 12968 (doc m68k -mshort)

[m68k] Fix PR 14018: -malign-loops/-malign-jumps broken

Re: [m68k] gcc-3.4.0 fails for ColdFire(does not satisfy constraints)

Re: [m68k] Use ColdFire V4 mov3q instruction to store constants tomemory

[m68k]: Merged ColdFire patch

Re: [m68k]: patch to fix m68k_output_mi_thunk() for ColdFire

[Mainline] Patch to add -ftree-* options to -O1 description in invoke.texi

[mips patch RFA] don't use branch-likely insns based on -mtune.

[mudflap] testing fixes

[objc-improvements-branch] FYI: merged in HEAD:tree-ssa-pre-merge

[PATCH - ARM] fix peephole 2 patterns

[patch 3.3/3.4] Fix for PR 15202

[PATCH 3.3] PR14749

[PATCH, commited] add log1p, fmod and drem tests to testsuite

[PATCH, commited] FIX *fscalexf4 mode attribute

[PATCH, take 2] implement drem() and fmod() as built-in x87 intrinsic

Re: [PATCH, take 2] implement drem() and fmod() as built-in x87intrinsic

[patch,arm] Alignment of anonymous bitfields

Re: [PATCH-H8300] Handling tiny_data attribute

[patch/gfortran] fix to pr 15365

[patch/hppa-hpux] MD_FALLBACK_FRAME_STATE_FOR definition

Re: [patch/hppa-linux] MD_FALLBACK_FRAME_STATE_FOR definition

Re: [patch/rfa] Handle unwinding through export stubs on hpux

[PATCH/RFA] PR target/13250

[Patch/RFC] Enable PCH for mingw32

Re: [PATCH/RFC] Fix PR optimization/15100

Re: [PATCH/RFC] PR target/15130 SH: A tail call optimization


[Patch] libiberty/pex-win32.c: Expain why we use '\\' here.

[Patch] (Java/Committed): Correct Minor Typos in check-init.c

[PATCH] [Bug optimization/15230] Disable -fweb for GNAT

[PATCH] [committed] first step to get libobjc back and building and working on Darwin

[PATCH] [committed] fix a leak in loop-doloop.c

[PATCH] [committed] fix another leak in tree-into-ssa.c

[PATCH] [committed] Fix leak in bb-reorder.c

[PATCH] [committed] Fix leak in loop-unswitch.c

[PATCH] [committed] fix leak in tree-ssa.c

[PATCH] [committed] fix leak tree-ssa-dce.c

[PATCH] [committed] FIx PR 14063, change dss to be volatile

[PATCH] [committed] Fix PR target/11608 testcases fails with -gstabs1 on sh*-elf

[PATCH] [committed] Remove disabling of -Werror for rs6000

[Patch] [mingw32] fix regresion with trailing backslashes in -Iinclude dir

Re: [Patch] [mingw32] fix regresion with trailing backslashes in -I include dir

Re: [Patch] [mingw32] fix regresion with trailing backslashes in -Iinclude dir

[PATCH] add abs transformation to tree-ssa-phiopt

[PATCH] Add leafify function attribute

[PATCH] add to gcc-3.4/changes.html about PR11174

[PATCH] alias_invariant

[PATCH] Allow ColdFire register offset addressing

[PATCH] altivec tests, 1 of 3

[PATCH] altivec tests, 2 of 3

[PATCH] altivec tests, 3 of 3

[PATCH] ARM add hand-coded implementations of DImode shift ops

[PATCH] ARM fix earlyclobber problems with if-then-elsezero-extract patterns

[PATCH] ARM optimize

[PATCH] ARM: Remove obsoleted apcs-26 and no-alignment-trapsoptions

[PATCH] Autogen bootstrap targets and make them preinstall

[patch] Broken script in gcc/Makefile.in

[patch] builtins.c: Add a prototype for fold_builtin_strchr().

[patch] builtins.c: Fix PR tree-optimization/15743.

[patch] buitlins.c: Fix tree-optimization/14819.

[patch] buitlins.c: Fix tree-optimization/14819. (take 2)

[PATCH] C++ ICE in check_for_out_of_scope_variable

Re: [PATCH] C++ space optimization: de-cloning con/de/structors, take IV

Re: [PATCH] C++ space optimization: de-cloning con/de/structors,take IV

Re: [PATCH] Clean up simplify_gen_relational, use simplify_relational_operationmore widely

Re: [PATCH] Clean up simplify_gen_relational, usesimplify_relational_operation more widely

[PATCH] Collect stats for zone collector

[PATCH] configure flag for source_location/location_t merge

[PATCH] Consider ffreep to pop TOS after f[u]compip

[patch] cp/*: Fix comment formatting.

[PATCH] cpp documentation fixes


[PATCH] disable libmudflap on mingw32

[PATCH] Document a bunch of expression tree codes

[PATCH] document libbanshee building in reghunt.html

[PATCH] Don't lose type qualifiers

[patch] DWARF3 cie frame entries

[patch] Dwarf3 unwind support

Re: [PATCH] EH-compatible -ffunction-sections

[PATCH] Enable dwarf on darwin

[PATCH] finish removing -ftree-loop-optimize option

[PATCH] Fix ACATS failures on SPARC

[PATCH] Fix breakage where no system libintl is available

[PATCH] fix built in drem() and fmod() for !TARGET_USE_SAHF case

[PATCH] Fix fold_read_from_constant_string for unsigned-char hosts

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/20040514-1.c testcase

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/uninit-H.c on powerpc-apple-darwin

[PATCH] Fix ia64 libffi floating point argument handling

[PATCH] Fix ICE in fold-const.c

[PATCH] Fix invalid bcopy -> memcpy replacement

[PATCH] Fix leak in gcse-after-reload

Re: [PATCH] Fix middle-end/15054 (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix other/15526: libgcc2 __mulvsi3 overflow test

[PATCH] Fix PR 13334, document bootstrap failures with non-standard CFLAGS

[PATCH] Fix PR 15720 and some recent C++ regressions

[PATCH] fix PR c++/12883

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/14791

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/14962

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13653

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/15112

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/15633

Re: [patch] Fix PR rtl-optimization/15381: reorg incorrectly removes

[patch] Fix PR rtl-optimization/15381: reorg incorrectly removes barrier

[PATCH] Fix PR target/15082

[PATCH] Fix PR target/15546, IA64 bootstrap

[PATCH] Fix PR target/15647 for sh-linux

[patch] Fix PR/14084

[PATCH] Fix regressed patch

[PATCH] fix rtl enable-check faikure combine.c:simplify_shift_const

[PATCH] Fix sparc64-*-linux* bi-arch compiler

[PATCH] for "Re: Compilation at -O3 Still Broken"

[PATCH] for bug 7054 (#pragma pack)

[patch] for PR 15463

[patch] for PR 15654

[patch] for PR14692

[patch] for PR15717

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment typos. Follow spellingconventions.

Re: [patch] gcc: Fix comment typos.

[patch] Generating location list for return address

Re: [PATCH] GNU/k*BSD support (with ChangeLog) for gcc

Re: [Patch] grokdeclarator cleanup (newb patch)

[PATCH] Implement bitfield++ using XOR

[PATCH] implement fmod() as built-in x87 intrinsic

[PATCH] Implement log1p as built-in x87 intrinsic

[PATCH] Implement log1p..., correct ChangeLog

Re: [PATCH] Implementing Swing Modulo Scheduling in GCC

[PATCH] Implementing Swing Modulo Scheduling in GCC - Minor chages aftertree-ssa merge.

Re: [PATCH] Implementing Swing Modulo Scheduling in GCC - Minor chagesafter tree-ssa merge.

[PATCH] improve C++ code by changing fold-const.c

[patch] Improve condition elimination in simple loop analysis

[PATCH] improve decisions about running vmx tests, take 3

[PATCH] improve float to double on PPC a little

[PATCH] Improve TARGET_RTX_COSTS documentation

[PATCH] improve tree-ssa-phiopt a little, PR 14466

[patch] Include dependencies in expr.h

[PATCH] Incorrect edge count maintenance

Re: [Patch] Java: Definite [Un]Assignment Issues

[PATCH] Kill combine's gen_binary

[PATCH] kill unused function in c-common.c

[PATCH] List lvalue tree codes in non_lvalue

[PATCH] m68k/ColdFire, fix invalid code generation (BUG 8309)

[PATCH] Make lvalue_or_else local to front-ends

Re: [PATCH] make sure more GNU Classpath/libgcj diffs are handleed by gen-classpath-compare

[PATCH] make sure more GNU Classpath/libgcj diffs are handleed bygen-classpath-compare

[PATCH] more optimizations for tree-ssa-phiopt

[PATCH] move conditonal_register_usage to function body

[PATCH] Never collect the PCH zone

[PATCH] new tree-ssa pass (documented too)

[PATCH] new-bootstrap with preinstalling

[PATCH] Offset ip value in MD_FALLBACK_FRAME_STATE_FOR on x86-linux

[PATCH] Optimize X/10 == 2 as (X-20) < 10

[PATCH] Peephole x86 multiplications by 3, 5 and 9

[PATCH] Per-pass RTL hooks

[PATCH] PR 3074: Throttle fold_binary_op_with_conditional_arg

[PATCH] PR c++/15264

[PATCH] PR fortran/13912: Consecutive arithmetic operators

[PATCH] PR middle-end/15069: Partial mode type conversions

[PATCH] PR middle-end/15239: Artificial limit in expand_mult

Re: Re: [Patch] Re-enable Tree Browser for All Front Ends (WAS: Re: Tree-SSA Newbie Questions)

[patch] Re: missing exception clauses in libstdc++ source/header files?

[patch] Re: new FAILs on HEAD

[PATCH] Refactor expansion of -D and -I specs

[PATCH] Reimplement log*f2 patterns with float_truncate insn

[PATCH] Remove classic GCSE

[PATCH] remove dead code from gcc.c

[PATCH] remove more dead code in C front-end

[PATCH] Remove scan_one_insn splitter

[PATCH] Remove some unused "nested function" in the C-front-end

[PATCH] rename nan in reg-stack.c

[patch] replace -W with -Wextra

[PATCH] Replace build with build2/build3 in fold-const.c

[patch] rtl.h: Remove PHI_NODE_P.

[PATCH] Say that LTGT may trap

[PATCH] Search appropriate subdirectories of a -B-specified directory

Re: [PATCH] Search standard subdirs of -B-specified directories (take 2)

[PATCH] Search standard subdirs of -B-specified directories (take2)

Re: [PATCH] Search standard subdirs of -B-specified directories(take 2)

[patch] sort and group case labels

Re: [Patch] sparc-sun-solaris2.8 (cross) missing PATH_MAX

[PATCH] sparc64-linux --with-cpu=ultrasparc fix

[PATCH] speedup C++ a little

[PATCH] Speedup DOM and tree-cfg a lot (partial of PR 15524)

[patch] Speedup handling of temp slot lists

[PATCH] Speedup java front-end when compiling from source

[patch] Split builtins.c (take 2)

[patch] testsuite file fails concept-checks

[patch] Testsuite fix

[PATCH] testsuite, cleanups to lib/compat.exp

[PATCH] testsuite: compat.exp recognizes dg-require-* commands

[PATCH] Tiny fix to output_constant

[PATCH] Tiny fix to store_constructor

Re: [PATCH] Unrolling addressing optimization

[PATCH] Use ColdFire V4 mov3q instruction to store constants to memory

Re: [PATCH] Use ColdFire V4 mov3q instruction to store constantsto memory

[PATCH] Use ColdFire V4 MVS/MVZ instructions to create constants

[PATCH] vmx testsuite: split up failing test ops.c

[PATCH]: 3.3.x fix traditional C warning regressions et al.

[PATCH]: Add more lround/lrint opts

Re: [PATCH]: Add some more builtins opts for sqrt/cbrt

[PATCH]: eliminate the "wide" functions/macros

Re: [PATCH]: Fix warnings about type declarations inside prototypes

[PATCH]: Speed up SSA-CCP

[PATCH]: Speed up SSA-CCP take 2

[Patch][committed] Correct minor typos in java-gimplify.c

[PATCH][committed] Fix leak in final.c

[PATCH][committed] fix leak in tree-ssa-live.c

[Patch][committed] Mention libbanshee and libmudflap in sourcebuild.texi

[PATCH][ia64] fix rtl enable-check failure emit-rtl.c:reorder_insns.

[Paul Eggert <eggert@CS.UCLA.EDU>] PATCH: obstack.c, obstack.h port to AS/400 (for Bison and gnulib)

Re: [Paul Eggert <eggert@CS.UCLA.EDU>] PATCH: obstack.c, obstack.hport to AS/400 (for Bison and gnulib)

RE: [Paul Eggert <RAW-EMAIL-REDACTED>] PATCH: obstack.c, obstack.h port to AS/400 (for Bison and gnulib)

[PING**2] [PATCH] stabs for powerpc Darwin g77

[PING] [PATCH] stabs for powerpc Darwin g77

[PR 9283] and [PR 15000]

[PR 9283] and [PR 15000] Latest version

[resend] i8086 gcc target

[RFA:] Fix PR optimization/15296, delayed-branch-slot bug.

[RFA] Move cpplib to the toplevel

Re: [RFA] update_path should match only on entire directory names

[RFC PATCH] implement fma() as builtin x87 or SSE intrinsic

Re: [RFC PATCH]: are we using FIX_*_EXPR ?

[rfc,patch] PR 15387

[RFC] [PATCH] Move cpplib out of the gcc directory

[RFC] combiner for trees

[RFC] Fold floating-point comparisons

[RFC] generate maybe dependencies from the template

[RFC] OpenVMS: correct generation of routine labels

[RFC] small compile time improvement on PPC (PR 10588)


[testsuite patch] use unique filenames in check_*_available

[toplevel PATCH] Add some toplevel bootstrap juice

[toplevel PATCH] Shorten names for new-bootstrap targets

Re: [toplevel PATCH] Speed up creation of toplevel Makefile 2x

[toplevel] Fix sed invocation in configure.in

[tree-profiling-branch] Fix mudflap

[tree-profiling] Fix a latent cfgexpand.c bug

[tree-profiling] Use a special predictor for mudflap

[tree-ssa] "fix"

[tree-ssa] [objc] Ping patch: Fix regression in string*.m testcases

[tree-ssa] [PATCH] Fix PR 15245 ICE due to tree-ssa-phiopt using convert instead of fold_convert

Re: [tree-ssa] [PATCH] Fix PR 15245 ICE due to tree-ssa-phioptusing convert instead of fold_convert

[tree-ssa] [RFC] Partial fix PR 13741

[tree-ssa] basic-block.h appears twice in GTFILES

[tree-ssa] Emit flowgraph in VCG format

[tree-ssa] fix Bugs 15109, 15108, 14472 and most likely 14440

[tree-ssa] fix builtin-ctype-N.c

Re: [tree-ssa] Fix C __attribute__ ((constructor)) on !have_ctors_dtors targets

[tree-ssa] Fix C __attribute__ ((constructor)) on !have_ctors_dtorstargets

[tree-ssa] Fix CFLAGS so that it is right for build libraries

[tree-ssa] fix execute/20020412-1.c

[tree-ssa] fix execute/921017-1.c

[tree-ssa] fix gcc.dg/20020425-1.c

[tree-ssa] fix half of builtin-ctype-N.c

[tree-ssa] fix java Array_3 and friends

[tree-ssa] fix leak in tree-outof-ssa.c

[tree-ssa] Fix leak in tree-ssa-alias.c

[tree-ssa] Fix leak in tree-ssa-pre.c

[tree-ssa] fix memory leak in tree-into-ssa.c

[tree-ssa] fix memory leak in tree-ssa-dom.c

[tree-ssa] Fix PR 14470

[tree-ssa] Fix PR C/15062 ICE when asm is a memory operand

[tree-ssa] PATCH: fix PR4766.java regression

[tree-ssa] Remove documentation for -ftree-copyprop

[tree-ssa] Remove XFAIL from several tests

[tree-ssa] use call_expr_flags more

[v3, 3.3] Fix libstdc++/11352 (and libstdc++/15645)

[v3] -Weffc++ tweaks, revised

[v3] abi docs, testsuite

[v3] doc tweaks

[v3] Fix istream::ignore + other work

[v3] Fix libstdc++/15361

[v3] libstdc++/12854

[v3] libstdc++/14340

[v3] libstdc++/14720

[v3] libstdc++/15046

[v3] libstdc++/15074

[v3] libstdc++/15090

[v3] libstdc++/15123/13928

[v3] libstdc++/15412

[v3] libstdc++/15489 fixup

[v3] libstdc++/15675

[v3] libsupc++ tweaks

[v3] Mt_alloc: use __bin._M_free[0]

[v3] Mt_alloc: use __bin._M_free[0] (better)

[v3] Some istream and ostream work

[v3] std_bitset.h reformatting

[v3] testsuite tweaks

[v3] testsuite_files tweaks

[v3] Tidy a couple of istream functions

[v3] versioning updates

[www-patch] Fix typo in bugs.html

Re: [www-patch] Update onlinedocs/index.html for 3.4.0 release

Re: [wwwdocs] add a link to PPC section in readings.html

[wwwdocs] Link to tree-ssa merge announcement

[wwwdocs] PATCH -- Update to Fortran pages.

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: GCC-3.3.4 status report

[wwwdocs] PATCH for: GCC Release Status (2004-05-23)

[wwwdocs][gfortran] Document policy for cc'ing fortran@gcc.gnu.org

Re: [wwwdocs][gfortran] Document policy for cc'ingfortran@gcc.gnu.org

Re: Add -iquote support

Add comments to some string pool PCH routines

Add missing closing parentheses to ip2k.c

Add missing dependency to gcc/c-common.h

allow asm in-out memory operands again

Avoid CR in testsuite output

Re: avoid generating casts for bools

Re: Avoiding MIPS mthi/mflo and mtlo/mfhi hazards

Avoiding useless work

AVR -mint8 option patch checkin

Re: bootstrap failure with HP's C compiler on trunk: PR 12186 returns

Re: C++ PATCH to refer to base members using COMPONENT_REF

C++ PATCH: PR 14668

Re: C++ PATCH: PR 14724 and PR 14763

C++ PATCH: PR 14821, 14833

C++ PATCH: PR 15025

C++ PATCH: PR 15044, 15317, 15329

C++ PATCH: PR 15083, 15640, 15471

C++ PATCH: PR 15165

C++ PATCH: PR 15285, 15299

C++ PATCH: PR 15507, 15542, 15427, 15287

C++ PATCH: PR 15701

C++ PATCH: PR 15742, 15696, 15625, 15629, 15209

C++ PATCH: Use %E to format IDENTIFIER_NODEs

c_common_truthvalue_conversion must handle all comparison exprs

Candidate fix for PR 15007

catch wandering GTY markers

charset __FUNCTION__ patch


Cleanup free_basic_block_vars, and use INSN_P in *_real_insn

committed: Ada updates

committed: error in osint.adb

committed: renaming of target specific GNAT files

Re: Configure problem

Contents of file `gcc-3.4-b20040206.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.4.0.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.4.0.fr.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.4.0.tr.po.gz'

Correct example in GC documentation

Correction to the gcc 3.4 changes web page?

dejagnu 1.4.4 required

Document bootstrap problems on SPARC

don't run bison and flex for the host on the build machine

e500 breakage caused by altivec patch

Eliminate tree class 'b'

Expunge mark_referenced (needs testing on Darwin/OSX)

Factor some code in tree-ssa-phiopt.c

Failures in branch range calculation

fix 15454

Fix ACATS failure on SPARC

fix altivec one_cmplv* patterns

Fix bool problem

Fix bootstrap failure on all 64-bit hosts

Fix checking failure in immediate_use()

Fix dbr_schedule mishandling of nonlocal gotos

Fix disable-checking bootstrap comparison failure i686-pc-linux-gnu

fix inappropriate use of TYPE_DOMAIN in cp/decl.c (was Re: newFAILs on HEAD)

Fix include/demangle.h for C++

Re: Fix java parallel make?

Fix K&R function definition

Fix powerpc asm_cpu.

Re: fix PR 14718

Re: Fix PR middle-end/14988

Fix PR other/15627

Fix PR rtl-optimization/15242 - duplicate computed gotos

Fix PR/15242

Fix simple typos in doc/tree-ssa.texi

Fix some warnings in libobjc after tree-ssa merge

Fix spelling typo

Fix the tree part of the mainline breakage

fix typo in vec_init docs

Re: Fixes for powerpc-linux param passing

floor_log2_wide speedup

frv flow crash on direct returns

Re: frv sibcalls and conditional returns

FYI: Further minor fixes to objc-improvements-branch

Re: GCC build of HEAD failed for native with your patch on 2004-05-13T06:45:02Z.

Re: GCC build of HEAD failed for native with your patch on 2004-05-24T21:15:02Z.

gcc corrections for better pie support

Re: gcc-3.4.0 fails for ColdFire(does not satisfy constraints)

Re: gcc-ss-3.3-20040519 is now available

gcc.pot regenerated

Re: gcc/gcc ChangeLog.apple-ppc bb-reorder.c cfgcl ...

gfortran manual patch

Handle libgfortran in gcc_update

ICE for overlap of asm-register-declared variable and asm clobber list [H8/S target]

IMA repairs: Don't use DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME for a key in cgraph

IMA repairs: Don't use DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME for a key in cgraph(take two)

Implementing neg_optab using subtraction from zero

Improve ABS optimizations in dominator optimizer

Re: Improve funcorder.c optimisation on ppc-darwin

Improve null pointer check elimination

Improve tree-ssa-forwprop

Re: inverted logic in arith.c:gfc_range_check()?

Java: Bogus vtable index in debug info

Java: Debug info

Kill gcc/f, kneecap libf2c

libbanshee also using a broken AC_HEADER_STDBOOL

libcpp cross build failures

libjava: Support --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs.

libmudflap.exp: Fix multilib problems

libmudflap: Handle multilibs

Re: lno: Bootstrap failure

m68k compiler does not build

Make some passes work on the CFG instead of on the insns stream (updated)

Re: Make some passes work on the CFG instead of on the insns stream(updated)

Make some passes work on the CFG instead of on the insns stream.

Re: Make some passes work on the CFG instead of on the insnsstream (updated)

Re: Marking JNI funtions extern

Re: merge in the libobjc branch

Minor speedup and cleanup for out-of-ssa pass

Move short enums target hook

multilib for libgfortran

New French PO file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

New Turkish PO file for `gcc'

New warning: -Wmissing-include-dirs

PATCH (gcc-3.3.4) PR-14142

PATCH (mainline & 3.4-branch): Address bootstrap issues

PATCH - [mainline] AltiVec power-pc-darwin fix for vec_ld

Re: PATCH [alternative] to fix mingw bootstrap failure

PATCH [mainline] -mcpu=G5 ICEs on function returning 'long long'

Re: PATCH [mainline] Altivec PPC-DARWIN ABI Parameter Passing with Varargs

PATCH applied fix fallout fron Janis 2004-05-28 patch for target-supports.exp

Re: patch applied to sh.md: add prefetch pattern

PATCH COMMITTED: fill out initializers for new entries in gcc.c

Re: Patch config.gcc to accept --with-cpu=85xx for PowerPC

patch for -1657 dejagnu failure

Patch for bug 15444

Patch for gcc_release

Patch for PR 15749

PATCH for Re: GCC-3.3.4 status report

PATCH for Re: GCC-3.3.4 Status Report

Patch for WG14 URL (extend.texi, testsuite)

PATCH for: "exotic" machine modes

PATCH mingw32 Another change to allow mainline to bootstrap.

PATCH mingw32 Changes to allow mainline to bootstrap.

PATCH mingw32 Enable thread support by default.

Patch pending review

Patch ping

Re: Patch Ping

Patch ping

patch ping

Patch ping (2 ggc-zone, 1 driver, 1 middle-end)

Patch ping (some ^2)

Patch ping**3 [PATCH] stabs for powerpc Darwin

Patch ping: the m68k compiler does not build in mainline

Patch ping^2 (more pending patches, but I really need this)

patch ppc-e500: add negv2si2

Patch readings.html for WG14 site location

PATCH RFA: Remove documentation for %c in specs

Patch to change %` %' to %< %>

Patch to comment on common_type

Patch to contrib/gennews

PATCH to fix mingw bootstrap failure

Patch to fortran/Make-lang.in

Patch to gfortran 15393/15370

Patch to gfortran PR 15314

Patch to gfortran PR13742

Re: Patch to gfortran/13742

Patch to gfortran/13742 (was: equivalence, common and initialization)

Patch to implement %` %' %q diagnostic formats

Patch to maintainer_scripts/gcc_release

Patch to make .md constraint strings optional

Patch to manual frontmatter

Patch to onlinedocs/index.html

Patch to update_version

Patch to update_web_docs' removal of old files

Patch update_web_docs for gfortran

Patch, committed: Add myself to MAINTAINERS

PATCH: [darwin] Always turn on FP_SAVE_INLINE at -O3

Patch: [lno-branch] loop-invariant.c problem

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR 15084

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR target/15301

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR target/15302

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR/15666

PATCH: Add myself as an instruction scheduler maintainer

PATCH: Add unordered FP compare tests

PATCH: Added AltiVec test case...

PATCH: Do not #define vector/pixel/bool #ifdef __APPLE_ALTIVEC__

patch: e500 typo fix

Patch: Enable tree-browser with --enable-checking

PATCH: Fix EH breakage on mainline

Re: PATCH: Fix libffi for ia64

PATCH: fix PR 15214

PATCH: Fix PR/15666: [gcc 3.4 regression]: Abort on valid code

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

PATCH: gcc-3.4/changes.html

PATCH: gcc-3.4/changes.html caveat

Patch: Java: Fix check-init to handle new binops from fold()

Patch: Java: Fix jcf-write fold() fallout

Patch: Java: Fix missed GGC root registration

Patch: Java: Improve character encoding error messages

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/crontab

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/crontab and GCC 3.5 snapshots

PATCH: More AltiVec builtin/argument combinations

PATCH: news.html


PATCH: PR target/14800: Fix x86_64 linkage test

Re: PATCH: PR target/15084: -O/-O2 generate wrong code on structure modification

PATCH: PR target/15290: __float128 failed to pass to function properly

Re: PATCH: PR target/15290: __float128 failed to pass to functionproperly

PATCH: PR target/15383: __float128 function name is used for long double

Re: PATCH: PR target/15383: __float128 function name is used forlong double

patch: pre-compute HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK on ppc

PATCH: Relax AltiVec integral parameter/literal type checking

PATCH: Remove gthr-gnat.c from Linux

patch: remove support for --enable-altivec


patch: unmacroize HARD_REGNO_* on PPC

PATCH: Use COMDAT section group instead of gnu.linkonce

permit unary plus to be used with vector types

Ping ([PATCH/RFC] Fix PR optimization/15100)

ping Dale's patches

ping patches

ping**4 [PATCH] stabs for powerpc Darwin target

Re: powerpc testsuite regressions

Re: powerpc testsuite regressions (was Re: Bootstrap miscomparison on mainline with checking disabled)

PR 15051 Allow empty interface blocks

PR 15454: wrong code due to tree constant propagation

PR opt/14980

PR/14899 patch ping^2

PR/15488 libstdc++ testsuite permissions

PR/15489 libstdc++ testsuite source determination

PR14066 Allow infinite loops with label-do-stmt

PR14568 warning for unused variables in common blocks

PR15205 problem with nearest intrinsic

prefer in-tree as and ld over pre-installed ones

Proper fix for nested CONSTRUCTOR

random framework fixes for dawin

Reduce function deferral in g++

Reducing SSA_NAME churning

Reload inheritance and REG_CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_P

Remove remaining obsolete ARM option documentation from invoke.texi

Remove unreachable expand code from expr.c

Remove unused expand_*_loop from stmt.c

Remove version.h dependency from tree.h

Remove warning from cp/lang-specs.h

Remove warnings in libgfortran

Removing DEBUG_G_MODE from the MIPS port

Removing redundant slls from 64-bit MIPS code

Rename *simple* to *gimple*

Rename tree_ann to tree_ann_t

Restoring the list of g77 contributors

Revert to hashing on DECL_UID in cgraph.c (only properly)

Reverting my previous expr.c:store_constructor* change

RF[CT]: IMA repairs 2/n: maybe_apply_renaming_pragma rawrite

Re: RFA/RFC: Add support for exporting vtables based on dllexport/dllimport attributes

Re: RFA/RFC: Add support for exporting vtables based on dllexport/dllimportattributes

RFA/RFC: Add support for exporting vtables based ondllexport/dllimport attributes


RFA: fix post-call group scheduling to make sh-elf build again

Re: RFA: make reg_equiv_memory_loc visible to garbage collector

Re: RFA: make reg_equiv_memory_loc visible to garbage collector (Was:

RFA: make reg_equiv_memory_loc visible to garbage collector (Was: Re: reg_equiv_memory_loc vs. garbage collection) (fwd)

Re: RFA: make reg_equiv_memory_loc visible to garbage collector (Was:Re: reg_equiv_memory_loc vs. garbage collection) (fwd)

Re: RFA: make reg_equiv_memory_loc visible to garbage collector(Was:

RFA: obsoleted gcc-3_3-e500-branch

Re: RFA: patch for usage of more accurate live information for the global and the reload.

RFA: patch for usage of more accurate live information for the globaland the reload.

Re: RFA: patch for usage of more accurate live information for theglobal and the reload.

Re: RFA: patch for usage of more accurate live information for theglobaland the reload.


Re: RFC: MIPS: Workaround the "daddi" and "daddiu" errata

Re: RFC: OpenBSD configurations for gcc 3.3.x

RFC: reload unit tests (Was: [Bug optimization/15265] New: delete_output_reload deletes necessary insn) (fwd)

Re: RFC: reload unit tests (Was: [Bug optimization/15265] New:delete_output_reload deletes necessary insn) (fwd)

rs6000 mainline patch for pr 14478

Re: rs6000 stack boundary

rs6000.c: extract_M[BE] clarifications/optimizations

S/390: Testsuite fixes after tree-ssa merge

Separate cxx_binding uses in name lookup

sh-elf patches for gcc 3.4

Small DOM record_equivalences_from_incoming_edge speedup

Small efficiency PATCH to gimplify.c

small tree-dump addition

Speed up into-ssa pass

Support offset pointers in gengtype

Switch the default for x86_64-pc-linux to x86-64 not k8

Sync with upstream libtool.m4

Teach config-ml.in about Fortran

Testsuite fix for short-enums

tidy some gimplifcation unsharing

Tree profiling merge 2 - noreturn calls..

tree profiling merge 4 - branch predictions improvements

Tree profiling merge 5 - fix BB merging and jumptables

Tree profiling merge 6 - fix profile updating

Tree profiling merge 6 - fix some of profile updating code

Tree profilng merge 1 - allow inserting onto edge to EXIT_BLOCK

tree profilng merge 3 - find_sub_basic_blocks fixes wrt computed gotos

Tree profilng merge 8 - make cfg build debug info friendly

tree-into-ssa patch causes regression on ppclinux

Tree-level sibcalls & callee-copied arguments

tree-ssa PATCH: Allow libgfortran compilation on IRIX 5

tree-ssa-phiopt.c -- fix formatting problems

unary minus broken for vector types

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed PATCH: (( fpregparm (X) )) attribute for i386 floatingpoint

Unreviewed patches

Untabified and resubmitted: Patch to gfortran PR13742

updated patch for update_web_docs

Use direct calls to lang_hooks

V3 PATCH to std_complex.h

various minor correction for i386

vector extraction broken (generic and x86)

what's your opinion

Re: Where is rd_gen computed in gcse.c

x86_64 TImode arithmetic

Yet more rs6000 function arg passing fixes

ZWC-86522: New Ticket Created

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