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Re: Patch to change %` %' to %< %>

On Sat, 29 May 2004, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

> "Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:
> | As requested here is a patch to change the %` and %' formats to %< and
> | %>.  %' is retained for use in those messages with apostrophes that
> | aren't part of matched quotes; it should only appear in untranslated
> Why do we need this now, and not in the previous patch?  Can you give
> me an example?

In cases such as

          inform ("a parameter list with an ellipsis can't match "

it seems better to use

          inform ("a parameter list with an ellipsis can%'t match "


          inform ("a parameter list with an ellipsis can%>t match "

to avoid the visual impression that one of a pair of balanced delimiters
%< %> is missing.

If automated checks on translated messages check that %< and %> are
present in translations when present in the original (not essential, only
the checks on formats taking arguments agreeing about what the arguments
are are essential), they should not expect %' in translations as
translations can use appropriate quotes directly.  (All these formats are
only needed because we can't just write the sources in UTF-8 and use
proper quotes in them directly, then transliterate output down to ASCII as
required.)  Separating %> from %' means checks that they form matched
pairs become possible.

Joseph S. Myers

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