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Re: Patch: Enable tree-browser with --enable-checking

Zack Weinberg wrote:

Bryce McKinlay <> writes:

Does anyone object to enabling browse_tree() in all builds?

How big is it?

On i686 it is appox. 20k stripped, or about 0.5% of the total size of cc1.

Then I think there's no harm in enabling it always.

Sounds good to me. Here is the patch. OK to commit?


2004-05-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>
	* Enable tree-browser for all builds.
	(OBJS-common): Add tree-browser.o.
	* Remove TREEBROWSER definition.

RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/,v
retrieving revision 2.39
diff -u -r2.39
---	27 May 2004 19:47:36 -0000	2.39
+++	28 May 2004 19:15:19 -0000
@@ -425,12 +425,9 @@
 [Define if you want all operations on trees (the basic data
    structure of the front ends) to be checked for dynamic type safety
-   at runtime.  This is moderately expensive.  The tree browser debugging
-   routines will also be enabled by this option.
+   at runtime.  This is moderately expensive.
-  TREEBROWSER=tree-browser.o
 if test x$ac_rtl_checking != x ; then
 [Define if you want all operations on RTL (the basic data structure
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/,v
retrieving revision 1.1287
diff -u -r1.1287
---	25 May 2004 20:16:52 -0000	1.1287
+++	28 May 2004 19:15:20 -0000
@@ -874,7 +874,7 @@
 OBJS-common = \
  tree-cfg.o tree-dfa.o tree-eh.o tree-ssa.o tree-optimize.o tree-gimple.o  \
  tree-alias-type.o gimplify.o tree-pretty-print.o tree-into-ssa.o          \
- tree-outof-ssa.o tree-alias-common.o tree-ssa-ccp.o			   \
+ tree-outof-ssa.o tree-alias-common.o tree-ssa-ccp.o tree-browser.o	   \
  @ANDER@ tree-ssa-dce.o  tree-ssa-copy.o tree-nrv.o tree-ssa-copyrename.o  \
  tree-ssa-pre.o tree-ssa-live.o tree-ssa-operands.o tree-ssa-alias.o       \
  tree-ssa-phiopt.o tree-ssa-forwprop.o tree-nested.o tree-ssa-dse.o	   \
@@ -913,7 +913,7 @@
 OBJS-onestep = libbackend.o $(OBJS-archive)
-BACKEND = main.o @TREEBROWSER@ libbackend.a $(CPPLIB)
+BACKEND = main.o libbackend.a $(CPPLIB)
 # Files to be copied away after each stage in building.
 STAGESTUFF = *$(objext) insn-flags.h insn-config.h insn-codes.h \

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